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Your Spiritual Life is Already Here.

This is a short memory about Srila Prabhupada by Hayagriva Dasa. You may also hear it in a documentary about Srila Prabhupada of the name Happiness on the 21st Second Avenue by CBS.

After the last kirtana, I went up to Srila Prabhupada and began to question him.

"Have you ever heard of LSD?" I asked.

"No," he said.

"It's a psychedelic drug that comes like a pill, and if you take it you can get religious ecstasies. Do you think that that can help my spiritual life?"

"You don't need to take anything for your spiritual life," he told me. "Your spiritual life is already here."

I agreed with him immediately, though I would have never agreed with anyone else who would have said such a thing. I agreed mainly because he seemed so absolutely positive that there was no question of not agreeing. "Yes, my spiritual life is here," I thought to myself. I knew that he was in a state of exalted consciousness, and I was hoping that somehow he could teach the process to me.

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