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"I'm a Vaishnava" Is Spiritual Suicide

A common misconception among aspiring devotees of Krishna consciousness is that they become prideful of their service and position and think themselves more elevated than they really are. Herein is a nice explanation of this wrong mindset by Srila Prabhupada supported by a song from Bhaktivinoda Thakura.

Bhaktivinoda Thakura

A devotee on the topmost platform of devotional service always humbly thinks that he is not rendering any devotional service. He thinks that he is poor in devotional service and that his body is material. On the other hand, those known as the sahajiyas foolishly think that their material bodies are transcendental. Because of this, they are always bereft of the association of pure devotees, and thus they cannot behave like Vaisnavas. Observing the defects of the sahajiyas, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura has sung as follows in his book Kalyana-kalpa-taru:

ami ta'vaisnava, e-buddhi ha-ile

amani na haba ami

pratisthasa asi', hrdaya dusibe

ha-iba niraya-gami

nije srestha jani', ucchistadi-dane

habe abhimana bhara

tai sisya tava, thakiya sarvada

na la-iba puja kara

"If I think I am a Vaisnava, I shall look forward to receiving respect from others. And if the desire for fame and reputation pollute my heart, certainly I shall go to hell. By giving others the remnants of my food, I shall consider myself superior and shall be burdened with the weight of false pride. Therefore, always remaining your surrendered disciple, I shall not accept worship from anyone else."

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