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What is the Supreme Planet?

Is Vaikuntha Loka the supreme Lok? How big is it? What is there? Which type of food? Are there any creatures who live in there? How do they live?

The Spiritual abode as opposed to this material world is eternal, divine, blissful and full of knowledge. One qualifies to enter Vaikuntha when he or she attains freedom from the karmic bondage by taking shelter of Supreme Lord Vishnu with pure love and sincere devotion. The original state of consciousness of the soul is thus attained when it is being favoured by the mercy of the Super conscious Lord Vishnu. In this state one's engagement diverts into serving the Supreme Lord having attained its original state with a divine body free from matter and limitations of time which means the soul attains a divine form like Lord Krishna and continues to serve the original GODHEAD with full blissfulness. There is no dominion of time, hence the souls attaining such abode do not die, age or get any diseases or become subject to anxiety or fear. Divine bodies are the original form of the soul unlike material world where the soul is embodied by the five gross material elements which impose limitations on the free movement of the soul and covers its original consciousness with the desire to lord it over the material nature. This is because the desire to serve the Lord is directed to serve one's temporary material coverings through senses. This is a state of illusion which is absent in the spiritual world. Hence, having acquired divine bodies, the souls do not have to “maintain” them by eating, sleeping, mating or defending. They are in eternally sat chit ananda state.

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