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Chanting Outside of the Temple Means We Risk a Fall Down

Devotees must chant within the temple premises and not wonder around, otherwise they might fall down. Srila Prabhupada instructs here:

Devotee (7): Is there any difference in [indistinct] when somebody is chanting japa under the tree and someone who is chanting japa in the temple?

Prabhupäda: Hmm?

Brahmänanda: I think sometimes we recommend the devotees to chant their rounds in the temple rather than to walk in other places.

Prabhupäda: Why one should walk other places? Who has said that you go out, walk other places? Never said.

Devotee (7): It may not really be necessary.

Prabhupäda: No. You should chant in the temple. Why should you go to other place?

Devotee (7): So there is no difference, someone chanting out of the temple or in the temple.

Prabhupäda: Why you should go outside? Who has allowed him to go outside? Unless he has got some important business for the temple, why one should go to outside? There is no need. That is the chance of falling down. Why you should go outside? We are arranging for the temple, for the food. Why? Because everyone should stick to the temple and the principles. Why you should go to outside? That should be stopped. You cannot go outside.

Devotee (7): May we go to the shop to buy something?

Prabhupäda: That is another thing. That is for temple's benefit or business. That is another thing. Somebody goes to sell books, somebody goes to make some Life Members, that is another thing. Otherwise one is not allowed at all. Not whimsically "I am going out." Why you are spoiling your men?

Morning Walk – November 2, 1975, Nairobi

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