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Living in the Temple-Living in Vaikuntha

Srila Prabhupada explains here the nature of things transcendental.

In the absolute world, the plane, the associates of Lord Visnu and Lord Visnu Himself are all spiritual. There is no material contamination. In quality, everything there is one. As Lord Visnu is worshipable, so also are His associates, His paraphernalia, His airplane and His abode, for everything of Visnu's is as good as Lord Visnu. Dhruva Maharaja knew all this very well, as a pure Vaisnava, and he offered his respects to the associates and to the plane before riding in it. But in the meantime, his body changed into spiritual existence, and therefore it was illuminating like molten gold. In this way he also became one with the other paraphernalia of Visnuloka.

Mayavadi philosophers cannot imagine how this oneness can be achieved even in different varieties. Their idea of oneness is that there is no variety. Therefore they have become impersonalists. As Sisumara, Visnuloka or Dhruvaloka are completely different from this material world, so a Visnu temple within this world is also completely different from this material world. As soon as we are in a temple we should know very well that we are situated differently from the material world. In the temple, Lord Visnu, His throne, His room and all other things associated with the temple are transcendental. The three modes, sattva-guna, rajo-guna and tamo-guna, have no entrance into the temple. It is said, therefore, that to live in the forest is in the mode of goodness, to live in the city is in the mode of passion, and to live in a brothel, liquor shop or slaughterhouse is in the mode of ignorance. But to live in the temple means to live in Vaikunthaloka. Everything in the temple is as worshipable as Lord Visnu, or Krsna.

SB 4.12.29

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