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Vyasa Puja Offerings 2023: Love Mataji

You are alive

Every eye blink

Full of prema

Full of love

Every snap and lip lick

Your loyal disciples relish the details

and thank Krishna for technology

so that you fill our screens, our eyes, our hands, our noses, everything

Sometimes in pictures and without physical presence in the way we're used to, speculation can take over

One can protect one's own insecurities and judgements as if they're from you, to one

but when one watches you, one's eyes widen

Never have I ever seen a Being like Prabhupada

Like a father, but better

like a grandfather, but better

like a friend, a guide, a true master

who else would I bow down for?

Never taught such things

submission was always unspeakable

but to you, your disciples give it all

but for you, your disciples leave all

and gain all.

Partaking in your teachings

thank you, thank you.

Dear Srila Prabhupada

mere words cannot describe

the gratitude growing deep inside

ever lower than your grace

happily, and sometimes not so

but who cares. You are the spiritual master,

may I make you proud.

Hare Krishna

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