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Srila Prabhupada on Current War in Ukraine.

His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada morning walk
His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

With the nuclear threats of Mr. Putin and various counter threats imposed by the Western world, the words of Srila Prabhupada written more than half a century ago resonate with us today more than ever before. What will happen with current war in Ukraine?

The Supreme Being or the Absolute Personality of Godhead being the complete Personality, He has the complete perfect brain to adjust everything completely by His different potencies. The Supreme Being is compared with the Fire and everything that be organic or inorganic are compared with the heat and light of the Fire. The fire distributes the energy in the form of heat and light and as such the Lord displays his energy in different ways and is the ultimate controller and sustainer of everything, dictator of everything, full of all potencies, knower of everything, benefactor of everyone, and full of all inconceivable opulences, power, fame, beauty, knowledge and renunciation.

One should therefore be intelligent enough to know that except the Lord nobody is the proprietor of anything within the universe. Nobody should claim to be the proprietor of anything but he must accept things which are set aside by the Lord as his quota of maintenance. The cow gives milk but she does not drink the milk. The milk is designated as the food for the human being. The cow eats grass and straw but does not drink its own milk. Such is the arrangement of the Lord and we should be satisfied with the things as they have been very kindly set aside by Him. We should always think within our self as to whom belongs the things that we possess. Take for example our dwelling house which is made of earth, wood, stone, iron, cement, metals and so many other material things. If we think in terms of the Ishopanishad then we can know that we cannot produce either of the above mentioned building materials. We can simply bring them together like a cooly and transform them in different shapes by our own labor. A laborer cannot claim to become the proprietor of a thing because he has labored hard for manufacturing a particular thing. There is always a great quarrel between the laborers and the capitalist in the present day society. The quarrel is now taking an international shape and the world is at loggerhead between a man and a man just like the dogs and cats. The Ishopanishad cannot advice to the cats and dogs but it delivers the message of Godhead through the bonafide Acharyas. The human being may take Vedic lessons from the Ishopanishad that nobody should quarrel but they must be satisfied by the privilege given to him by the mercy of the Lord. There will be no peace if the communist or the capitalist or any other party claim to become the proprietor of the resources of nature which is the property of the Lord. The capitalist cannot curb down the communist simply by political maneuver neither the communist can gain over the capitalist simply by fighting for the stolen bread. If they do not recognize the proprietorship of the Supreme Personality of Godhead then the property which they claim to be their own must be taken as stolen property and therefore they shall be liable to be punished by the laws of nature. The atom bomb is there both in the hands of the communists and the capitalists and if both of them do not recognize the proprietorship of the Supreme Lord, it is sure and certain that the atom bomb from both the sides will ruin the career of the both the parties. Therefore in order to save themselves from the onslaught of the opposite party, both of them must follow the instruction of the Ishopanishad and bring in peace in the world.

BTGPY27b: Sri Ishopanisad

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