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Sankirtan Yajna Both for Full-timers And The Part-timers

Srila Prabhupada explains how everyone can take part in the sankirtana movement despite his position.

"The materialistic men want to work hard and enjoy the fruitive result in the matter of sense enjoyment. As such they are committing many types of sins at every step of life. Those who are however consciously engaged in the devotional service of the Lord are transcendental to all varieties of sins and virtues. Such activities are free from the contamination of the three modes material qualities. For the devotees there is no need of performances of prescribed sacrifices because the very life of the devotee is a symbol of sacrifice. But persons who are engaged in fruitive activities for sense enjoyment must perform the prescribed sacrifices because that is the only means for getting free from the reactions of all sins committed by the fruitive workers. Sacrifice is the means for counteracting such accumulated sins. The demigods are pleased when such sacrifices are performed as much as prison-officers are satisfied when the prisoners are turned into obedient subjects to the state laws. Lord Chaitanya however has recommended only one Yajna or sacrifice called the Samkirtan Yajna in which everyone can take part and thus both devotees and the fruitive workers can derive equal benefit from such performances of Samkirtan Yajna." (SB 1.16.21 purport)

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