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How To Attain Personal Presence of the Lord?

By the scientific method of mantra chanting, we can at once see the Lord in front of us.

The beauty and opulence of the world can be enhanced by the Grace of the Lord and not by any manmade planning. When the Lord Sri krishna was present on the earth the impressions of the special signs of His palm of the lotus feet were being stamped on the dust and as a result of this specific grace on the earth the whole atmosphere was as perfect as it ought to have been. In other words the rivers, the seas, the forests, the hills and the mines which are the supplying agents for the necessaries of the man and the animals, were fully discharging their respective duties and therefore the riches of the world surpassed all the riches of all other planets or the three planetary systems of the universe. One should therefore ask the Grace of the Lord for being present always on the surface of the earth so that we may be favored with His causeless mercy and be happy having all necessaries of life exuberantly. One may ask how we can detain the Supreme Lord on this earth after His mission is fulfilled and His leaving this earth for His own abode? The answer is that there is no need of detaining the Lord but the Lord being omnipresent He can be present with us if we want Him at all. By His omnipresence potency He can always be with us if we are attached with His devotional service in the manner prescribed in nine transcendental service of hearing, chanting, remembering etc.

There is nothing in the world with which the Lord is disconnected. The only thing we must learn is to excavate the source of connection and be thus linked up with Him by offenceless service. We can do so being connected with Him by transcendental sound representation of the Lord. The holy name of the Lord and the Lord Himself are two identical things and one who chants the holy name of the Lord in offenceless manner can at once realise that the Lord is present before him. Even by vibration of radio sound we can partially realise the presence of the sound relativity and by resounding the sound of transcendence we can verily feel the presence of the Lord. In this age when everything is poluted by the contamination of Kali it is instructed in the Scriptures and preached by Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu that by chanting the holy Name of the Lord, we can at once be free from the contamination gradually rising to the status of transcendence for going back to Home back to Godhead. The offenceless chanter of the Holy Name of the Lord is as good an auspiciousness as the Lord Himself and arrangement for movement of such pure devotees of the Lord all over the world can at once change the troublesome face of the world. By propagation of the chanting of the Holy Name of the Lord only we can be immune from all effects of the age of Kali.

(SB 1.16.32-33 purport)

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