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Did God Put Me In This Situation?

Many people think that they are where they are because God arranged it in that way. Their life circumstances are out of their power, and they blame God for their misfortune. But is this actually the case? Let's hear from Srila Prabhupada!

Indian lady guest: Each one, Krsna puts you where He wants you to be, isn't it?

Prabhupada: Eh?

Indian lady guest: Krsna puts you where He wants you to be.

Syamasundara: (explaining) Does Krsna put you where He wants you to be?

Prabhupada: I do not follow.

Syamasundara: Does Krsna arrange for your situation in life, as if He wants it, so He makes you go there?

Prabhupada: Still I do not follow.

Syamasundara: Does Krsna . . . Krsna . . . wherever Krsna wants us to be, that is where we are.

Prabhupada: No.

Syamasundara: Our position in life is because Krsna desires it.

Prabhupada: First you desire. I desire to become such and such, Krsna helps me, "All right, you become such and such." Man proposes; God disposes. So if I want to become a devotee, Krsna makes you a devotee. If you want to become a demon, Krsna makes you a demon. So when you become a demon, He gives you facility how to act as a demon. And when you become a devotee, He gives you facility how to become a devotee. Krsna is very kind, as you want, He also gives you facility. Ye yatha mam prapadyante (BG 4.11). But Krsna says that "You give up all this nonsense habit of becoming demon. You just surrender unto Me." That's Krsna's desire. That is Krsna's desire.

But we don't surrender to Krsna, we surrender to our senses. Mind . . . my mind wants to do something, I do it. That's all. I don't surrender to Krsna. That is the cause of our suffering. Just like a small child, if he obeys the order of the parents, he is happy. If he does not do so, that is another thing. Similarly, Krsna is our supreme father. If we obey Krsna, then we are happy. If we don't obey, then you are unhappy. Is there any difficulty to understand? It is very plain thing.

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