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Hearing From Stool-like Sources

These days we are being voluntarily brainwashed by so much rubbish that is flooding us from social media that it is practically impossible for us to associate with pure devotees and achieve perfection of life -namely attaining the maha-bhagavata stage of devotional service. Purports such as this by Srila Prabhupada serve as a great impetus to sincere souls ready to reject the rubbish like association and hearing: "Everyone is addicted to hearing of the activities of another person, whether a politician or a rich man or an imaginary character whose activities are created in a novel. There are so many nonsensical literatures, stories and books of speculative philosophy. Materialistic persons are very interested in reading such literature, but when they are presented with genuine books of knowledge like Srimad-Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita, Visnu Purana or other scriptures of the world, such as the Bible and Koran, they are not interested. These persons are condemned by the supreme order as much as a hog is condemned. The hog is interested in eating stool. If the hog is offered some nice preparation made of condensed milk or ghee, he won't like it; he would prefer obnoxious, bad-smelling stool, which he finds very relishable. Materialistic persons are considered condemned because they are interested in hellish activities and not in transcendental activities. The message of the Lord's activities is nectar, and besides that message, any information in which we may be interested is actually hellish." SB 3.32.20

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