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What's on at BLISS London?

Hare Krishna, and welcome to the Expand the Bliss blog! Here you will find a variety of nectarean Krishna conscious content, with fresh content daily.

Here's what we've been up to lately...


If he reads the book he is benefitted still more, or if he gives the book to someone else for reading, both he and the other person is benefitted. Even if one does not read the book but simply holds if and sees it, he is benefitted. If he simply gives small donation towards the work of Krsna consciousness he is benefitted. And anyone who distributes these transcendental literatures, he is also benefitted. (Letter, 6 May 1977, Bombay)


"O brothers!  One day in Jagannatha Puri, at the time of honouring the Lord's prasada, Lord Caitanya said to all the devotees, 'Honouring the khichuri of the Lord with a pure mind, may you become blessed on this day.  Lord Jagannatha gave to all of you varieties of extraordinary and wonderful prasada, such as khichuri and many kinds of cakes and condensed milk preparations.  Therefore, take all of this prasada till you are filled up to the neck and chant 'Hari! Hari!'  In such a transcendental atmosphere ignorance and sin will not remain.  This prasada of Lord Jagannatha is even worshipable for Lord Brahma and Lord Siva.  Upon eating it, love of God will certainly arise within the heart.  All of you have obtained such a rarely obtained treasure.  All glories, all glories, all glories to Lord Jagannatha.'" Prasada-sevaya (from Bhaktivinoda Thakura's Gitavali)

Magazine - our first printed issue! Bliss london

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“Keep on with the practice of writing articles; in the midst of your heavy duties go on writing something glorifying the Lord and put our philosophy into words. Writing articles means to express oneself how he is understanding the whole philosophy. So this writing is necessary for everyone.” (Letter to Giriraja — London, August 12, 1971)

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