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The Original Father And Mother

If I ask you whether or not you have a mother, I undoubtedly think you will reply positively. No one can escape the inevitable reality that we all have parents.

If I ask you whether or not you have a mother, I undoubtedly think you will reply positively. No one can escape the inevitable reality that we all have parents. Everything in nature has a pair of parents: a mother and a father, wherever you look. It’s actually one of the core principles of life itself, whether you’re a hog, dog, man or a tree, you’ve got some old folks, man.

So It’s a very logical and elementary question for us to ask, who is the original father? If we go with the scientific theory, that life is coming from little fish in the pond in the early annals of time, that’s alright, let’s take a trip to that period. Because you’re reading this instead of watching one of our cool movies, you’ll have to bear with me and imagine a montage-style sequence of zooming past all the major historical events while the timer on the bottom of the screen counts all the way back to whatever year the scientists say life started at. Okay so, now it’s at like 100 million B.C, or whatever. There’s two fish, the first living creatures ever, right? They’re about to mate or something like that and then evolution starts right? Well, that doesn't seem very logical. Who gave birth to them? I mean, that’s how we see everything is going on.

Because life always requires two to be born within this material world. Have you ever seen a man just spontaneously giving birth, or a woman, or any animal, or a tree? No, they have a mate or they’re pollinated or something like that, but life always have a cause and two parties involved. There’s never just one elements coming from nothing and making life. So, who’s the original father and mother? We get the answer from the Bhagavad-gita, the eternal philosophy truths given by the eternal, original Dad Lord Sri Krishna! He says,

“O son of Prtha, know that I am the original seed of all existences, the intelligence of the intelligent, and the prowess of all powerful men.” (Bg. 7.10)

There has to be an original, conscious decision and personality for life to exist. It’s very simple: you have a father, he has a father, and that father also has a father. If you go back far enough, who is the original father? That’s God, baby.

So Krishna glances over this material energy of his and the eternal living beings who are his parts and parcels get injected into the “womb” of nature and take on varieties of material forms just to enjoy life and the senses according to their karma and desire. There’s one funny story we can give in this connection that in India, one will find that sometimes scorpions are born within a pile of rice. The fermenting rice is fertile ground for scorpion eggs, but if one thinks that the scorpion is being born out of the rice alone, he has very little brain substance. Similarly, although it may appear that life is coming when a material body is formed, the cause is always another conscious being. So there is no doubt that the laws of nature didn’t begin as different to what they are now, and your greatest grandfather wasn’t a pile of chemicals in a pool or some rock trillions of years ago that just decided to start things off. Science can’t make an experiment to prove this crazy theory, but everyone knows that they have parents, and their parents had parents. Besides that and more importantly, we should take perfect information from the best authority; just like how you learn about the birds and the bees from your dad, now you’re learning about the fundamental, original birds and bees from the supreme father, Krishna.

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