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God Get's Chastised By His Mother

Srila Prabhupada tell's the eternally blissful pastime of the Mother of Krishna, Yosoda-Mayi, who chastised her son, God himself, for eating dirt, and a transcendental surprise.

So Krsna, He is born of a ksatriya father. He is not born, but He appeared as the son. God is never born. Unborn. Therefore the Mayavadi philosophers, they mistake to know Krsna. They think that Krsna is born, then how He can be God? But actually, Krsna was not born from the womb of His mother. He appeared in four hands before His mother, and the mother was afraid that "My brother Kamsa, was awaiting to kill God, and now God is here in four hands. Immediately he'll kill." The mother forgets that "My son, if He's God, how He can be killed?" But the mother's affection is always like that. Just like Krsna, when He was going to attack a demon as a boy, Yasoda-ma, mother Yasoda, would ask her husband Nanda Maharaja, "Why do you allow this boy to go out? Why don't you lock Him?" So that is mother's affection. The mother, Yasoda mother, she does not know that Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Then her motherly affection will be checked. Therefore she was, by yoga-maya, she was always covered. Although Krsna playing child just like a common child, at the same time showing that He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He was eating clay. Some friends complained to mother Yasoda that, "You gave Him nice foodstuff, and He is eating clay." So mother called Him: "Oh, Krsna, You are eating clay?" Krsna said, "No, mother. They're all liars." (laughter) "Oh, Your elder brother Balarama is also saying." "Oh, He is angry upon Me. He is angry upon Me; therefore He is also speaking lie." Then the boys still stressed, "No, mother. He has eaten clay. We have seen." So mother said, "All right. Open Your mouth. I'll see." So Krsna opened His mouth, and she saw the whole material cosmic manifestation. Not only Yasoda, thousands of Yasoda and thousands of planets, sun, moons, and everything saw. Mother's thought, "Must be something jugglery. All right. Forget. Don't do it again."

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