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Spiritual Relationship Advice

The ultimate spiritual relationship advice is herein explained. In Krishna consciousness, no devotee is inferior. All serve in perfection in their particular relationship with the Lord.

Lord Krishna in His golden murti form

Spiritual Relationship Advice

Any kind of relationship in the spiritual world is perfect, and any type of relationship in the spiritual world is absolute. What does it mean? Let's look at relationships in the mundane world. Ultimately, they are a reflection of the spiritual ones.

There are five types of relationships: neutral, servitude, friendly, parental, and conjugal. Out of those, the last one, conjugal, is the highest because it is the most intimate. But in the spiritual world, all of them are equal and absolute. Just because someone serves Krishna in a neutral relationship, for example: a blade of grass, it doesn't mean he is less. Consider this: I have a particular relationship with my mother, namely parental. But just because I don't have a conjugal relationship with her, that doesn't mean it's less valuable. The perfection of any relationship means you follow that relationship as it is meant for. If I were to apply the conjugal relationship with my mother, it would be disturbing; it would turn into a disaster. And by following it properly in the parental mood, it would be perfect. If there is a child and mother and both behave according to their position, the child is behaving like a child is supposed to behave to his/her mother and vice versa, then it can work without any flaw. If I unnecessarily push the relationship to the "highest" stage, conjugal, then it would have the opposite effect. So if our original form is revealed by the practice of Krishna consciousness, under the guidance of a bona fide spiritual master, then we will spontaneously follow our constitutional relationship with Krishna. Then it will be perfect, and there is no need to aspire for the highest relationship because we are naturally satisfied with the one we already have eternally.

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