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Russia Ukraine War: The "My Country" Illusion

Sometimes people are very fond of declaring their country of origin and identifying as a certain nationality or race. But can we be sure that we these sectarian considerations are not the causes of disturbance in the world? For certain, they are not the platform of unity, and Srila Prabhupada herein explains the real platform of unity. russia ukraine war

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Pradyumna: "As long as one identifies himself as belonging to a certain family, a certain society or a certain person, he is said to covered with designations. When one is fully aware that he does not belong to any family, society or country, but is eternally related to Krsna, he then realizes that his energy should be employed not in the interests of so-called family, society or country, but in the interests of Krsna. This . . . this is purity of purpose and the platform of pure devotional service in Krsna consciousness."

Prabhupada: So our purpose . . . the Krsna consciousness movement is started with this summary idea, that nobody should think himself as belonging to certain family or sect or religion or country or nation. All these designation have created havoc in the world, these false designation. When I think that "This country is mine," it is a false designation. Country is not mine, I am a guest here.

If I stay in a country, in a place, for, say, twenty years, fifty years, hundred years, does it . . . does it mean that it belongs to me? Because they have no Krsna conscious idea, they are misled in thinking in that way. Some group of men are thinking that, "This is our country": "We are American," "We are Indian," "We are German." This is the false . . . illusion.

Actually, everything belongs to Krsna. Krsna says, bhoktaram yajna-tapasam sarva-loka-mahesvaram (BG 5.29). He's the proprietor. But because people are not educated in Krsna consciousness, they are thinking, "I am the proprietor." Aham mameti janasya moho 'yam (SB 5.5.8). This aham mama, increasing the aham mama, is illusion, is maya. And that is going on.

Therefore there is great need of spreading Krsna consciousness in the human society. Those who are actually welfare workers, they should come forward and join this movement to spread it. Actually, it is being accepted very nicely. Although not nicely, they have begun to accept it all over the world. This is our experience. And if we present the philosophy in correct viewpoint, people will accept it.

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