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Prabhupada: Richard Nixon Killed JFK

A very interesting revelation from a conversation between Srila Prabhupada and his disciples in Hawaii. Let us know what you think about this in the comments!

Prabhupada: So these are signs of fall down. This American nation, if their young men are becoming so irresponsible, careless, then what is the future? Their father and grandfathers built up this American state so nicely by their labor, hard labor, and these boys will spoil it. Now to speak the truth, all the students who have come to me, they are spoiled; simply saved by Krsna consciousness. Do you agree to that?

Devotee (1): Yes.

Prabhupada: So if you actually want to do something for your country, this is the only, only means you can save your country. Such a great nation, they are neglecting, and this rascal Nixon, he is engaged in Vietnam. He does not see what is happening in his own country. Such a rascal he is. Simply for self-aggrandizement. And anybody stands for presidency, he’ll be killed. Any good man that stands for presidency, he’ll be killed by Nixon and company. It is very sinister, this Nixon. I am very doubtful that he has killed all these Kennedys. These big, big men, Kennedys, are killed, but no information was given what was the matter, how he was killed. There was no inquiry.

Gaurasundara: Yes. There was inquiry.

Prabhupada: Hm?

Gaurasundara: But not very . . . it took a long time, years, five, six years after President Kennedy. They made a law that the report could not be released for, I think, seven years. (break)

Prabhupada: My point of view that if America becomes actually sane man, then the world will be happy. Because they are after America. America, in so many ways they are helping other undeveloped countries also, with foodstuff, with money, with assistance. That’s very nice. And still in America there is so much vacant land. You can produce huge quantities. This is their bad politics. Why they do not allow the congested countries like China, India come here and be engaged in agriculture? By God’s arrangement there is no scarcity. It is by our arrangement there is defect. God can main . . . my Guru Maharaja used to say: "There is no scarcity; only scarcity is Krsna consciousness."

HONOLULU - May 11, 1972

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