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Matajis wear blue for Lord Nityananda Trayodashi!

It's been a week full of festivals! To end the week of celebrations, all the Bliss matajis wore blue sarees in honour of Lord Sri Nityananda Trayodashi, the appearance day of Lord Nityananda.

We fasted till noon, and His Grace Maitreya Rsi Prabhu prepared a feast whilst our very own His Grace Nityananda Prabhu gave a class on the significance of Lord Nityananda. Watch it here.

Nityananda is the principle of the Guru. So, the Gurudeva is the incarnation of Nityananda. Anyone strictly following the instruction of the Guru is following Nityananda. The price one has to pay if he wants to become Krsna conscious is that he must dedicate himself to following the order of the spiritual master, mahat seva. If the Spiritual Master is pleased with disciple then the blessings of Guru will be there. That is the best way to become Krsna conscious, and Krsna is non-different from Nityananda. You may pray to Lord Nityananda to help you become dedicated in the service of your Guru. Krsna consciousness cannot be achieved artificially. You should approach Nityananda Prabhu through your Spiritual Master. Oct. 24, 1976, Vrindaban, letter to Makhanlal

Lord Nityananda Trayodashi

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