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Appearance of Lord Varahadeva

Yesterday we at Bliss celebrated the appearance of Lord Varahadev, the boar incarnation of Krishna, or God. The story of this mystical appearance evokes real feelings of love for Krishna. How protective and caring He is to lift our Earth up by His mighty tusks and fight the demon Hiranyaksha.

The whole story is explained in this class given by Bliss bramachari, His Grace Dhananjaya Prabhu... Lord Varahadeva appearance

Hear the Class Lord Varahadeva appearance

Meanwhile, the cooks prepared a feast in honour of the Divine appearance of Lord Krishna in this merciful boar incarnation.

The Prasadam

The kitchen devotees prepared samosas, dried fruits, milk, strawberry cream malpuas, rice, sabji, dahl and fresh chilles from Bhaktin Heidha mataji's family in Mauritius!

There are so many festivals coming up in the Krishna consciousness movement! Stay up to date with our handy Vaishnava calendar

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