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How Should the Devotees Deal with the Lockdowns?

The following is a class on the Srimad Bhagavatam SB 1.1.23 delivered on the Facebook livestream by Purujit Dasa, the founder of the Bhaktivedanta Lives In Sound Society.

We think that we have met Your Goodness by the will of providence, just so that we may accept you as captain of the ship for those who desire to cross the difficult ocean of Kali, which deteriorates all the good qualities of a human being.


The age of Kali is very dangerous for the human being. Human life is simply meant for self-realization, but due to this dangerous age, men have completely forgotten the aim of life. In this age, the life span will gradually decrease. People will gradually lose their memory, finer sentiments, strength, and better qualities. A list of the anomalies for this age is given in the Twelfth Canto of this work. And so this age is very difficult for those who want to utilize this life for self-realization. The people are so busy with sense gratification that they completely forget about self-realization. Out of madness they frankly say that there is no need for self-realization because they do not realize that this brief life is but a moment on our great journey towards self-realization. The whole system of education is geared to sense gratification, and if a learned man thinks it over, he sees that the children of this age are being intentionally sent to the slaughterhouses of so-called education. Learned men, therefore, must be cautious of this age, and if they at all want to cross over the dangerous ocean of Kali, they must follow the footsteps of the sages of Naimisaranya and accept Sri Suta Gosvami or his bona fide representative as the captain of the ship. The ship is the message of Lord Sri Krsna in the shape of Bhagavad-gita or the Srimad-Bhagavatam.

PURUJIT DASA: Today I received the news that there is going to be another lockdown here in UK from the fifth of November. So, this will be quite a struggle for all the people and the devotees also. We won't be able to go out and distribute books. These are very testing times. Will everything be ultimately banned? Will they soon perhaps ban colour from our live stream as well? Imagine we will not be able to use colour in our FaceBook live streams anymore. We are going to stream in black and white only. No more colour. No more going out. No more talking. No more book distribution. No more harinam sankirtan. This is the age of Kali as you can see now very nicely.

So here, Srila Prabhupada is giving the solution. What is the perfect solution for today's society? One must accept Sri Suta Goswami, or his representative, as the captain of the ship. This human body is like a ship. It is a very nice facility to go back home back to Godhead. Especially the human form is very rare. It is very suitable because in the human body we have advanced intelligence. In the animal species, there is no such possibility of inquiring about Krishna, and there is no devotional service. In the animal body, one is pretty much controlled by the senses. So, we should not misuse this human form by using it simply to satisfy our animal propensities. Animal propensity should be curbed. We should control our senses and we should control our behavior. Our mind influences our behavior but also vice versa. We're also being influenced by the impressions from the outside, from the conditioning we grew up in or the conditioning we're in right now. So we must be very careful. The best is to associate with the devotees, because in devotee association one develops devotional desires and one's consciousness changes. In the non-devotional atmosphere, quite the opposite, we're forced to act in a non-devotional manner: we cannot speak about Krishna and we cannot chant. We cannot serve Krishna, because non-devotees become envious. So we change our behavior and this also influences our mind. Similarly, in devotee association we change our behavior. When we enter the temple, for example, we see the devotees pay their obeisances, so we also pay our obeisances. And this is the beginning of devotional service. Actually there's one shloka where Krishna says, man mana bhava mad bhakto mad yaji mam namaskuru. He says that simply by offering Him obeisances you can go back home, back to Godhead. So, in nondevotee association we develop non-devotional behavior and patterns that result in non-devotional desires and in Krishna-devotee association, we develop Krishna conscious desires. That's why we should take advantage and associate with devotees. Association with devotees doesn't mean we must necessarily associate physically. Right now we're not physically together with devotees from Facebook, but we can associate by vibration. Vibrational association is more important than physical. What is the use of meeting if we talk about nonsense? Vibrational association is more important. And it has no limitations, it can go on, in any way. Ahaituki apratihatha is a statement of the Srimad Bhagavatam. Devotional service is unchecked by material circumstances. Otherwise this age is very dangerous. There is all the opportunity for us to develop this human form of life, otherwise we become victimized by the age of Kali, the age of quarrel and hypocrisy. Real devotees never argue. They argue for Krishna's sake, not for ego's sake. That is the difference. Arguing is natural, but arguing should be for Krishna's sake, not for my own sake. And how do we know what is for Krishna's sake? What does Krishna want? We must accept a guru, a spiritual master. Srila Prabhupada is our spiritual master, so you can take shelter of Srila Prabhupada and everything is resolved automatically. He is the captain of the ship. Then you must follow his instructions, just like the captain on the ship, he gives some order. "Oh, now you do this, you do that, go there, do this." The captain is giving many orders. Similarly, the spiritual master is giving many orders, and if you want to remain on the ship, if you don't want to drown, then you must follow his orders, everything he says. So if we make a show and if we are not following, then what kind of journey back home back to Godhead is that? It is a farce. We must follow what the guru says very strictly. I should not speak whatever I want. I should not speculate. If people don't like, then we don't care. What Srila Prabhupada says - that we follow. And if people don't like it, we don't care. There will always be people who like Krishna consciousness because this is the natural consciousness of every living entity. We all want to love, we all want to serve, but we're serving temporary relationships, so we are becoming frustrated. When we come to Krishna, we'll become satisfied. Everyone is aiming towards Krishna. Some people know, some people don't. We must focus on those who already know and not become an entertainer for those who don't want to know. Just like Michael Jackson - such a nonsense person, and yet he was the greatest entertainer in history. So we should not be the greatest entertainer in the history. We should perform devotional service for Krishna, not for our peers and friends and society and for likes on Facebook. Only for Krishna's sake, for Srila Prabhupada's sake. Whatever he says we follow. And if the whole world says don't do it, "don't follow Prabhupada," then we don't care for the entire world, let the whole world be bombed. We don't care. We'll follow Srila Prabhupada.

So Srila Prabhupada also gives us a method how to preach. He says you immediately introduce Krishna. Don't go around the bushes. You tell people: "Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead." That's how you introduce yourself, so everybody knows that you are a devotee of Krishna, that you are completely crazy, complete fanatic, into the good thing. Being crazy and fanatical about a good thing is good, being crazy and fanatical about nonsense is bad. So we introduce immediately, "Yes, we're devotees of Krishna, we have dedicated our life to Krishna, we do everything for Krishna, Krishna is wonderful, you kindly accept Krishna consciousness by your hearing. Try to understand the science. We have not come to do crusades, but you kindly hear, and consider the philosophy, the wonderful philosophy of Lord Caitanya, consider with your intelligence. Apply your logic, your reasoning and decide what you want to do. But we're not going to fake it. We're not going to please the crowds and hide Krishna consciousness. We're not cowards. We immediately present: "Yes, Krishna is the Supreme." Why not? Why Krishna is not God? There must be some perfect person. Everywhere there is a perfect person. The highest authority. Just like here in the UK it's the Queen who is the highest authority. So do you mean to say that in the whole creation, the whole cosmic manifestation, there is no highest authority? What is this nonsense? There must be. Otherwise, why there's high, higher, the highest? Where is it derived from, this differentiation? There must be a perfect person. If you say that perfection doesn't exist, if there is no perfection, then how do you know who is imperfect? You're simply complaining, "Oh this world is so imperfect, everything is bad, all imperfect, incomplete." You're complaining, but if there is no completeness, if there is no perfection, if there is no God, then how can there be imperfect? How can you complain? You can only complain based on some point of reference, there must be some point of reference, you understand? There must be some ideal, otherwise, why are you complaining? You're complaining because you know deep inside there is Krishna, the perfect, the perfection. You're desiring for that perfect situation of Krishna consciousness. Otherwise, why are you complaining? You should consider. If we there was no God and if there was no soul, then we would have been just a bunch of COVID chemicals. But at the same time they are trying to shut down the whole world because of their fear of death. Well, you're a bunch of chemicals, so you die. Or if you're such an expert that you know the secret of life, then you inject such a vaccine, Mr. Gates, you inject such a vaccine that a person doesn't die. When he dies you give him a vaccine against death, and he becomes again alive. Can you do it, rascal? No, simply talking. "Oh, we have to save the whole world." What are you saving? You're saving no one. No one is saved. Everyone dies. You can save him from some virus, some preliminary, but ultimately everyone dies. So what you have done? Nothing.

Lord Jesus says, the poor and the sick will always be there, but I will not be with you always. So even Lord Jesus condemns this philanthropy rubbish. Just see how evil this philanthropy is! Just see how demoniac! It is demoniac. Love of man is demoniac. Why? Because it's not love of man, it's the love of the body. Love of man is this Krishna consciousness. And not just love of man, but love of animals, love of all living entities, everyone. That is Krishna consciousness - you love Krishna, you love everyone. Because Krishna is present in all His parts and parcels in the form of the Supersoul. And these parts and parcels are also part and parcel of Krishna and when you serve Krishna directly, even you might not serve the living entities, they are benefited. And they will feel it if they themselves connect to the powerhouse of Krishna consciousness. Otherwise they are just disconnected limbs of the body of Krishna. If I cut off my hand, it may look like a hand but it has no function of a hand. It cannot function and I can't use it in any purposeful manner. So, we must be very strong and preach very strongly and not compromise with these rascals. What Srila Prabhupada has given it's so much relevant to the time right now. So much relevant. Srila Prabhupada always criticized these rascal scientists, who speculate something, without following any authority. They don't accept any authority. They just manufacture something from their brains. Such a nonsense. Such a puffed up rascal. He thinks that "Whatever I think that is divine, that is absolute because I speculate. I'm a very great scientist." So now, we're locking down the whole world because of the rascal scientists. Just see. So you have heard Prabhupada? When he says "scientists are rascals", do you believe that? Or are you saying that Prabhupada was from the 19th century and you feel intimidated by the scientists? Don't think like that, like a rascal. If you have no faith in Prabhupada's words, you're just another cheater! Prabhupada says, "scientists are rascals" so we must repeat "scientists are rascals", so people understand that these are demons and not human beings. They're demons. A human being must use his intelligence for higher purpose. All these people, don't be misguided... They're all rascals, they're speculating. They posing as big authorities. One theory they put, then they change it, then again change. So many theories they have, you just go on YouTube and try to find out what is going on. There are millions and billions of authorities. Ramakrishna rascal another rascal, demon, kick on his face. Impersonalists also say this: "There are many paths. Everyone is a guru. You accept everyone. There should not be one authority. That is very bad, very fanatical, very fanatical." Okay you want that? Okay, Krishna gives you. Now you have millions of authorities to choose from, you will not know a damn thing what is going on, because everyone has his own version. See? Everyone is a guru now. Very nice. Very good, completely messed up in a head everyone. So what Srila Prabhupada says, don't think that that was meant for the 60s. Prabhupada is talking to you right now, in all of his books, in all of his recordings. He's speaking to you and to you personally. What are you going to do with this human form of life? Are you going to die like an animal? Simply gratifying the senses and following these foolish scientists? Or are you going to rise to a higher, elevated state of consciousness? That consciousness is already there, but it is covered. It is covered by this misinformation, by this bodily conception of life that has been pushed on us from the very beginning in a slaughterhouse of the soul(the mundane education). How many years have we wasted in these schools, learning stupid things of these scientists? Nonsense theories that are no longer valid. It's like a new iPhone, you know? It always changes. Similarly all these theories change and we are subjecting our children to this rubbish brainwash. That's why Prabhupada calls it by a very suitable word, "slaughterhouse for the soul". Do you take it seriously what Prabhupada says? Are you going to send your children to the slaughterhouse of the soul? You want their soul to be slaughtered? You see, we might be reading Prabhupada's books but do we really understand, do we really believe in his words? Because if we believe in his words we're going to either act on them or we are just going to hear like pigs. Pigs are also hearing, but they don't assimilate or understand anything. We must act on it, you see? So it is a very evil world, very bad. Prabhupada says "this world is surcharged with godlessness." Godless. This is number one problem. Everyone is godless, no good qualities. No good qualities and posing as a lover of men, philanthropist: "I love the humanity. I'm so kind. And while I love humanity I kill billions of animals and slaughter them to pieces." Just see the hypocrisy! And they say this is not bonafide to preach like this. They say that this is not good for preaching. So, they should be kicked on the face first. They should be kicked on the face first because they're the greatest rascals. They're posing as devotees and they are confusing. Those who are meant to preach this, they're confusing them. They're the greatest rascals, they should be kicked on the face first. They should be first in the line.The scientists are there, the Mayavadis are there. I have lined them up now, in this class, you can take notes on whom to put in the line. And number one are these so- called devotees, who are stopping our preaching. They want to censor our preaching. But because it is Prabhupada's instruction, they're against Prabhupada. How can they be devotees? How are they going to be devotees of Krishna, if they don't accept, if they go against Prabhupada's order? Judge by the fruit, phalena pariciyate, and judge by the words. Judge what they say. Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati said: Judge a sadhu by ears. You see the sadhu by the ear. This is how you see a sadhu, with your ear not by your foolish eyes that are blind. Is that what he says what Prabhupada says? Prabhupada says "kick on their face". So, do these devotees say "kick on their face"? Are they saying "kick on their face"? They're not saying. I don't hear that they say: kick on their face. So that means they're bogus. That should be the first thing, That should be like a "Hello.", "I kick on the face of the Mayavadis". It will be a greeting. When you enter the Krishna temple, that's how you should greet devotees. "Hare Krishna Prabhus, let's kick on the face of the Mayavadis, because they're the greatest rascals". This is the real compassion. What is the use of making a show of compassion if you're not angry at the Mayavadis? Instead you're angry at devotees and you're not angry at the Mayavadis? That means you're a Mayavadi. For example, Maharaja Pariksit wasn't saying that the personality of Kali should be treated with respect, when the personality of Kali was killing the mother cow. Instead he immediately took out a sword and he was ready to kill that rascal. You see? So we should not be weaklings. Of course we cannot now take swords. That is not what I'm saying. But you must have some anger. Srila Prabhupada has a genuine anger. When there's injustice, there must be anger. Anger is natural. Why it should be considered something unnatural? Anger is natural. If your child is attacked, you become angry. So why not become angry when all living entities are being cheated by these rascal Mayavadis and scientists? Mayavadis are nirvisesa, scientists are sunyavadis. Nirvisesa sunyavadi pascatya desa tarine. That's why Prabhupada has come- to kick on the face of these scientists and kick on the face of the Mayavadis. Very simple. This is the mission. And how do we do that? By chanting Hare Krishna. By chanting Hare Krishna, you will see who is a Mayavadi. Mayavadi will come and say "don't chant". The scientists will come and say "Don't chant. You cannot chant. We passed a resolution. We passed the law, no chanting. Chanting is bad. It's bad for the people. We must now, engage in collecting plastic bags and putting our heads in the plastic bags." Whoever is against chanting is against Lord Caitanya, against Prabhupada, against Krishna. You just mark those who are against chanting. That's how you will know, phalena pariciyate, by the results. What do they preach these rascals? "Don't chant". Just see. What a mockery - "Don't chant". What a mockery! This is the yuga dharma and they say "no, don't chant". So don't support these rascals. They're rascals. You chant Hare Krishna, and follow Srila Prabhupada.

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