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Dogma is For Dogs

The dogmatic philosophy is that whatever "I say" is the absolute truth, and all other philosophies are bogus regardless of their argument. One who barks more is not necessarily correct.

Yow yow! Only my religion is right and nobody else's! This is a very frequently used statement... But wait a minute, what does religion actually mean? People usually argue which religion is true. "Only christianity is right; only Islam is right; only buddhism is right; only Krishna is right"... But has anybody asked the question: what does religion actually mean? If we want to establish some truth we first must know the meaning of the words. If we speak of religion then it is important to know what religion means. People say it's belief. But one day I believe in Jesus, the other in Allah, the other in Buddha or the other Krishna etc. Belief might change, so then who is right? Jesus, Allah, Buddha or Krishna? If the truth depends only on what I believe in, then it is not very reliable. Because my belief changes the next day and then it's not valid anymore, or it is only so far I believe in it. Absolute truth is only one, not many. If everybody believes in many different things and only that which I believe in is true then the conception of the absolute truth is nullified. So which one is it? In the Vedas, religion is defined as eternal occupation (sanatana dharma). The eternal occupation of every single living entity is to serve; the husband serves his wife, they serve their children, an employee serves his boss, or we serve our body or our ideas etc. The whole functioning of this world is based on serving and that is how things are going on. So there is no doubt everybody likes to serve. But here service is motivated, something is given in exchange for the service. But the principle is there. In the spiritual world service is unmotivated and everybody serves only one person, Lord Krishna. That is actually the service, rendered to one person. Because as soon as you serve many masters then there will be chaos. When you try to serve two masters, one master will never be satisfied because when one is served the other is neglected. Then in chaos nothing works, the focus is diverted and will culminate in quarrel or war and the service is finished. In the spiritual world everybody serves only Krishna, and they also argue, but about who is going serve Him more, that is productive. The service increases and therefore also the pleasure from that service. When servant satisfies king then he is pleased the most. And if you satisfy the highest person you become more pleased than if you satisfy the second highest person. It's common sense. It is not that I simply follow rules, say that only my scripture is the best, that is my religion and if you disagree with that then you will go to hell. Dogma is not religion. The dogmatic philosophy is that whatever "I say" is the absolute truth, and all other philosophies are bogus regardless of their argument. One who barks more is not necessarily correct. We see that service is present at any stage of existence. We just need to direct that service propensity towards the right source, towards the Supreme, and then following all the rules and regulations given by God makes sense. The rules and regulations should be followed with a proper understanding of why I'm serving. Because many people follow the rules, but not with God in mind, simply for prestige or poor fund of knowledge. But God is for everybody. The rules and regulations should be followed for Him, and His pure devotee will guide you. Accept the pure devotee, inquire from him submissively and serve him. Rules and regulations make you balanced so you can properly serve God by serving His beloved devotee.

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