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Does Jesus Christ Fit Into Krishna Consciousness?

Perhaps you are wondering about the connection between the Hare Krishna movement and Lord Jesus Christ, Mohammed, or any other great teacher of God consciousness. Most people tend to think that religion is a competition, but Srila Prabhupada elucidates the real meaning of religion in this conversation.

Atreya Rsi: She would like to know how Lord Jesus would fit into Krsna consciousness.

Prabhupada: Yes, Lord Jesus says that you love God. We love God, that's all.

Guest (1): Yes, but there are such different rules in the two.

Prabhupada: That is not very important thing. Actually if you have learned to love God, that is wanted.

(break) . . . by Lord Jesus Christ is different from the standard of our perception of lord of God, love of Godhead. Love of Godhead is one. God is one and how to love Him, that is also one. Now, we have to see by the result.

Just like two physicians are there. One physician is over-crowded, another physician is counting the contents of his table. So people go to that physician who is curing very quickly, but both of them are physician. One may be very experienced, another may be not very experienced. But somehow or other one is crowded, another is not crowded. Similarly, both Christian religion or this Vedic religion is instructing people love of Godhead.

Now you have to see where is the best result. That's it. Then you judge yourself. But we want that you love God. Either by this method or that method, the method is nothing. End justifies the means. If the end is that actually you have developed your love of God, then the means which you have adopted, that is alright. And if the end is not very good, then the means is also not good. So you have to judge yourself whether you are developing love for God or love for dog. Then you can judge. Why you are asking me?

Guest (1): Pardon?

Prabhupada: Why you are asking me? You can judge.

Guest (1): Oh. Well, because I have been very confused for the last eight months.

Prabhupada: Why should you be confused? If you really want to love God, so you can test yourself whether I'm increasing my love of God or increasing love of dog. People are generally in love of dog, especially in your country. Everyone has got a pet dog. And we are preaching not dog, but God, that is the difference. So you have to test yourself whether I am loving God or loving dog. That's all.

And our point of view is that you love God, never mind whatever the means, whether Christian means or Jewish means or any means, Hindu means, Muslim means, it doesn’t matter. You love God, that's all. Somehow or other you come to that point. That is our missionary activities. We are teaching, "Love God".

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