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Did We Voluntarily Fall From Spiritual World?

Why would we do such a stupid thing?

According to this guy, we're nothing but a little Fe, Li and Na.

Have you ever wondered whether or not you are simply a combination of chemicals, a kind of robot that simply follows the orders of the brain, with no aspect of freedom? Are we completely conditioned or is there any free will? And what about that "spiritual world", Is that a fairytale?

What is free will? Free will is the ability to decide what you’re going to choose. But from the Vedas we know that this material world is completely controlled by three modes of material nature: sattva (goodness), rajas (passion), tamas (ignorance). By combination of those modes 8 400 000 types of bodies are created so every spirit soul can fulfill his specific material desires. This world is designed for those who want to control, and be the so called supreme controller, according to whom everybody will follow according to ones desires. We can see everybody is trying for that. But if we have different desires, how I can work? We can't control everybody, nor everything. You can control some people, a dog maybe, or some phenomenon, but not all the living entities of all the planets, the weather, or every single atom. That means the real controller is the controller of everything. Otherwise it's just cheap imitation. We desired to be Krishna, and Krishna designed a world for us to try and imitate him. According to our specific desires Krishna puts us in a specific body, by our free will we enter them. He doesn’t force us, in fact He warned us, but we insisted and He fulfilled it. Then in order to make sure all our desires are exactly fulfilled the material modes of nature created the whole predestined mechanism, according to which everything would be exactly performed in order to fulfill the desires of the living entities. Then we are forced to follow that. If you want another nonsense Krishna will arrange it for you. Our free will doesn't depend on anything material. But because we always desire nonsense we are always being put and entangled into the material world and it's affairs. But if we desire to serve Krishna, which is our constitutional position, and if we do what is natural for us, we are free. If you do something that isn’t according to your propensity, like a gardener doing surgery, then he feels unnatural, unhappy, distressed and there are negative consequences. That is what we are experiencing, isn't it? Aren't we frustrated? Aren’t we unhappy? So many unnatural things. Why? Because we are situated in an unnatural position in an unnatural material world. If we would be like a fish in water: where is the distress and struggle? There is none. That’s an easy proof something is wrong. So if we desire properly to come back to Krishna, to the spiritual world and serve Him out of natural spontaneous love, which is, due to our rebellion and envy, being covered, then we will feel happy. If there is such an unnatural condition of the material world that means there is natural world also. Just like a diseased person. Before he was healthy and everything was cool. After he became sick everything was bitter and troublesome. So we are also diseased, we need to cure ourselves. Being sick is not the original position. The original is being healthy. So because we suffer it means we are diseased. And as soon as we cure our disease, we come to our original healthy condition and we can understand that this material distress and affairs are unnatural. We can realize we belong to different world, to the world where our eternal friend, Lord Krishna, is residing and we have loving relationship with Him. It's only up to our free will to decide to come back home, where we belong. Krishna then will send you proper guidance by His loyal devotee who will direct you. Make a proper decision today. It's up to you.

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