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Diagnosis: Bhavaroga

There is one diagnosis which no materialistic doctor can give you. That diagnosis is called BHAVAROGA.

Nobody wants to be sick. But still there are so many sick people both physically and mentally. We think that we are progressing, but we can just see how many people have problems with joints, bones, mental health, etc. We all want to overcome diseases or not have them at all. So we are always trying to defend ourselves in anyway we can to keep our health or live together. For that purpose there are different kinds of doctors: dentists, cardiologists, psychiatrists and many others. All of them are trying to cure specific diseases. But there are so many. It would be better to have one doctor who knows how to cure all the diseases, right? That would be ideal. It does not sound impossible – that a person simply learns some knowledge and he can just practice and become an expert. But wait. We do not realize that trying to cure every single disease one by one is not the solution. There is one diagnosis which no materialistic doctor can give you. That diagnosis is called BHAVAROGA. You’ve never heard about that? Let me tell you a bit about it. If you want to know something about some disease, you either read about it in book or you ask a doctor. Of course, we cannot speculate about such difficult subjects. The doctor is expert, and he should explain it to you, unless you have good brains to understand it yourself. So this diagnosis called bhavaroga is stated in the Vedas and described as the original material disease of every single living entity which started with disobedience towards the Lord. Thus we have been put here into this material world, and the very material body is the disease. It is the source of all the troubles and diseases as well. So we need to get rid of the material body. Okay, So I’ll simply kill myself and that is it.” Wait, wait! You don’t need to do that. Actually you should not, because in your next life you’ll become a ghost, and you’re gonna suffer even more because in the ghost body you cannot satisfy your hunger, thirst and sexual urges; you’ll be angry and frustrated like anything for many years. You can get rid of the material body by making it spiritual. Just like you put iron rod into the fire then it becomes like fire. It might seem like an iron rod but it has the potency of fire because by touching with it you can burn. The soul has form, so there is no problem with having a form, in our case the material body. The body has shape because the soul has shape. Just like you have T-shirts, right? Why does the T-shirt exist? Because there is a body. The t-shirt is based on the existence of the body. Similarly the body itself is like a T-shirt and it is tailored according to the soul. We have a different T-shirt according to our activities in previous lives. You wear down one T-shirt and get a new one. That is going on with us also. But the soul has an original form, it is called svarupa- your original eternal form in which you serve Lord Krishna. You need to realize that your are not that T-shirt but the original person. For example, If you play in a theatre role of some great king, at one point you‘ll have to stop playing that role and come back to your normal life. You are not gonna play that role forever. And that insanity is going on here. We do not want to stop playing our roles. We need to wake up and realize that we are the soul and that soul is serving Lord Krishna. This minute description you can find only in the Vedas, that both the disease is bhavaroga and it’s cure; pure devotional service unto Lord Krishna. Follow the bona fide spiritual master and learn from him how to do that. No doctor will ever cure all the diseases because he is not going to the root. The body is never healthy, is full of nasty things packed nicely in nice skin bag. So ask the real doctor for this age – His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

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