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Healing is a Waste of Time

What is the use of finding a vaccine? This disease or some other, we must become diseased, as this is the nature of this world. Better we find a cure for this material body.

Robert Gouiran: May I ask you what do you think about possibility of healing?

Prabhupada: Hm?

Yogesvara: Healing.

Prabhupada: Healing? Where is healing? You are dying, and where is the healing?

Robert Gouiran: You don't think that people could have a gift for healing?

Prabhupada: There is no healing in the material world. There is

disease always. There is no question of healing. Their healing is temporary. I am suffering from some disease. You give me some medicine. Does it mean that there will be no more disease? You heal that temporary disease. Again another disease. So where is the healing? So this is to be thought, that... Healing, that is the problem. There is no healing. There is always disease, this disease or that disease. If you prefer this disease heal, you are cured, and there will be no more disease, then you are profited. Another disease. You heal this, another disease. You heal this, another disease.

Robert Gouiran: So you think we can't help people?

Prabhupada: Eh? You cannot! Can you help people to stop death? Or to stop disease? Or to stop old age? I am becoming old, can you stop?

Robert Gouiran: I think so.

Prabhupada: That is foolishness. If you think that you can stop my old age growing, then that is foolishness. It is not possible.

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