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Cool Krishna Music Better Than Eurovision

Krishna consciousness is not something outdated or out of place in a modern world—quite the opposite, it is the only thing that can keep up with the ever-changing material nature. Music is a good example; music must always change. The record at the top of the charts must always be kicked out and replaced by another, because the nature of material things is that they are always static and they become tiring. Spiritual life, however, is always dynamic. Krishna consciousness means using whatever we have—talents, income, intelligence, etc.—in the service of Krishna. In other words, it does not matter the time, place or circumstance, Krishna consciousness can always be present and is never hackneyed. It is the eternal consciousness of the living entity. Since service to Krishna is eternal, we can always use whatever is available in that service. Thus Krishna conscious activities are always fresh. Below is just a few of the many wonderful examples of people who used their talents for music in the service of Krishna. eurovision

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