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Krsna Name Acts Independently

The following articles delineates the pure nature of preaching and establishes that the soul cannot be awakened by anything material. For those who might be disturbed by the seemingly harsh words of the acarya, this article will help you understand why we preach the message of Krsna As It Is.

It is stated in the Padyavali (29) of Srila Rupa Goswami: akrstih krta-cetasam su-manasam uccatanam camhasam acandalam amuka-loka-sulabho vasyas ca mukti-sriyah no diksam na ca sat-kriyam na ca purascaryam manag iksate mantro 'yam rasana-sprg eva phalati sri-krsna-namatmakah "'The holy name of Lord Krsna is an attractive feature for many saintly, liberal people. It is the annihilator of all sinful reactions and is so powerful that, save for the dumb who cannot chant it, it is readily available to everyone, including the lowest type of man, the candala. The holy name of Krsna is the controller of the opulence of liberation, and it is identical with Krsna. When a person simply chants the holy name with his tongue, immediate effects are produced. Chanting the holy name does not depend on initiation, pious activities or the purascarya regulative principles generally observed before initiation. The holy name does not wait for any of these activities. It is self-sufficient.'" Often times we are met with faithless statements of personally motivated individuals who have no understanding of the intricacies concerning the spiritual potency and capabilities of the bona fide acharya and who tend to chastise us, saying: "Krishna consciousness is too pure," "People will not like this sort of preaching," "You are too heavy in your preaching," "You are burning the people out," "We must introduce them gradually to Krishna," etc. Such faithless non-devotees are opposed to the conclusions of the guru, sadhu and sastra, and their only aim is to infiltrate the sampradaya and destroy its bona fide preaching mission by planting weeds in the minds of sincere neophytes who are being engaged by the acharya in spreading the principles of suddha bhakti around the world. A genuine practitioner must stay miles away from such contaminated stool-like entities. We cannot argue or educate people whose only aim is to destroy the very core of our educational mission of Krishna consciousness and especially the divine sankirtana movement. However, for our own understanding it would be worth of our time to scientifically analyze the technology of the pure acharya in awakening the sleeping souls into their original Krishna consciousness position. Just as life comes from life and not from matter, the spiritual consciousness is already within the heart of everyone regardless of their gender, race, creed or caste. It is simply awakened through the process of hearing. This is confirmed by the statement of the Caitanya Caritamrta: nitya-siddha krsna-prema 'sadhya' kabhu naya sravanadi-suddha-citte karaye udaya "Pure love for Krsna is eternally established in the hearts of the living entities. It is not something to be gained from another source. When the heart is purified by hearing and chanting, this love naturally awakens. (Madhya 22.107) As Srila Prabhupada, the supreme personality of guruhead, emphatically notes in his purport to the mahamantra, Krishna consciousness is not an artificial imposition on the mind. It is eternally existing intrinsically with the spirit soul as the soul's sanatana dharma. The Krishna consciousness is inseparable from the soul since it is the soul's very essence. This consciousness cannot be awakened by any material means, therefore any form of deviation from the pure message of the disciplic succession will not be successful in awakening the spirit soul, but it will be very successful in awakening the unwanted creepers of sense gratification, monism, mystic yoga and similar contaminations. Foolish so-called preachers who do not understand this simply expand the numbers of those who in the name of spiritual life simply increase their attachment to the material world. Thus they are the greatest cheater and misleaders. One must hear the holy name, namely Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare from a pure devotee uttama adhikari Vaishnava in order to awaken his soul to spiritual consciousness. The soul which resides in the material body always untouched by the material elements can be compared to the drop of oil in water. Although seemingly one with matter, it never mixes with it. No amount of so-called preaching styles or tactics can awaken it unless we take the guidance of an uttama adhikari pure Vaishnava who is empowered to awaken the spirit soul by the Lord Himself. Srila Prabhupada explains:

Many fools, not knowing the transcendental nature of the Hare Krsna maha-mantra, sometimes impede our loudly chanting this mantra, yet one who is actually advanced in the fulfillment of chanting the Hare Krsna maha-mantra induces others to chant also. Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami explains, krsna-sakti vina nahe tara pravartana: unless one receives special power of attorney from the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he cannot preach the glories of the Hare Krsna maha-mantra. As devotees propagate the Hare Krsna maha-mantra, the general population of the entire world gets the opportunity to understand the glories of the holy name. While chanting and dancing or hearing the holy name of the Lord, one automatically remembers the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and because there is no difference between the holy name and Krsna, the chanter is immediately linked with Krsna. (Adi 7.83 purport) There is no point in hiding Krishna or His holy name or the extentions of the holy name in the form of divine purports of an empowered acharya on the standard scriptures of Vaishnava philosophy such the Bhagavad-gita, Bhakti rasamrta, Srimad Bhagavatam or Caitanya Caritamrta and instead devise other speculative means for converting the masses into spiritual life. The name itself acts and spreads its influence by its own power. Since the name and the Lord are non-different, the holy name is full of potencies of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Lord Caitanya laments in His siksastakam:

O My Lord, Your holy name alone can render all benedictions to living beings, and thus You have hundreds and millions of names, like Krsna and Govinda. In these transcendental names You have invested all Your transcendental energies, and there are no hard and fast rules for chanting these holy names. O My Lord, You have so kindly made it easy to approach You by Your holy names, but I am so unfortunate that I have no attraction for them. The reason why many of the popular preacher feel no attraction for the topics of Krishna is that they have become offenders to the empowered acharya and thus have lost all power to spread the Krishna consciousness movement as it is. One who disobeys the order of the spiritual master looses all authority to spread the Krishna consciousness, although he might be empowered by the influence of mahamaya to spread the principles of jnana, yoga or fruitive karma. Lord Krishna instructs us to keep such association far distant:

O Dhananjaya, keep all abominable activities far distant by devotional service, and in that consciousness surrender unto the Lord. Those who want to enjoy the fruits of their work are misers. Srila Prabhupada comments on this verse: "One who has actually come to understand one's constitutional position as an eternal servitor of the Lord gives up all engagements save working in Krsna consciousness. As already explained, buddhi-yoga means transcendental loving service to the Lord. Such devotional service is the right course of action for the living entity. Only misers desire to enjoy the fruit of their own work just to be further entangled in material bondage. Except for work in Krsna consciousness, all activities are abominable because they continually bind the worker to the cycle of birth and death. One should therefore never desire to be the cause of work. Everything should be done in Krsna consciousness, for the satisfaction of Krsna. Misers do not know how to utilize the assets of riches which they acquire by good fortune or by hard labor. One should spend all energies working in Krsna consciousness, and that will make one's life successful. Like misers, unfortunate persons do not employ their human energy in the service of the Lord. (Bg 2.49 purport)

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