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Cooking with His Grace Purujit Dasa Prabhu

When you stumble across an old but gold video of His Grace Purujit Dasa Prabhu cooking in one of his European temples...

His Grace Purujit Dasa Prabhu smiling wonderfully
"When there is only one laddoo left in the fridge and maitreya prabhu is still on sankirtana distributing srila prabhupada's books in pinching cold rain, friendships are broken with ease and delight..." Purujit Prabhu, facebook

In this video, His Grace talks with a disciple about the process of cooking for Krishna, how to properly hear Srila Prabhupada, the importance of drinking milk for spiritual advancement, all the while showing how to be a pukka, exemplary devotee and disciple. Purujit Prabhu ki JAYA!

Cooking with His Grace Purujit Dasa

If you appreciate Prabhu's work spreading Krishna consciousness as it is, please kindly support BLISS with a donation here. Thank you, Hare Krishna!

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