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BLISS Sunday Love Feast Reviews

Every week, BLISS opens its doors for guests to join us for an evening of spiritual fun. The devotees invite friends we meet on book distribution to taste the BLISS at our classic Sunday Love Feast. Kirtan, philosophy and first class prasadam awaits them. What do our recent attendees say about their experience?

Robert Resonates With the Beautiful Community at the BLISS Sunday Love Feast

Iolla Had a Unique and Beautiful Time at the BLISS Love Feast

Banita Enjoyed the Class at the BLISS Love Feast

Ama is a Big Fan of Chanting Hare Krishna at the BLISS Love Feast

Amon Likes Chanting at BLISS Love Feast

JP likes the love feast

You can find many more reviews on our YouTube channel here.

So! See you on Sunday?

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