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Can You Live Like a Monk for a Day?

You may have seen a new addition to our programs offering plastered all over facebook, and talked about in the morning livestream Bhagavatam classes: the Live Like a Monk Day Retreat.

The Live Like a Monk retreat is an invitation for those interested in how monks live, interested in engaging more with Krishna and devotional service, Bhakti Yoga, for those who want to experience a day in the life of a Krishna monk, or simply for those who want to (even temporarily) escape their usual routine and spend some time in a spiritualized atmosphere with Krishna Katha (talks of Krishna rather than mundane material topics).

So far we have held two retreats, and both have been received with great joy! Check out some lovely images and testimonials from our guests, and sign up here to join us for the next Live Like a Monk retreat!

Man sits in garden with japa bag
Reuben found us on TikTok, started coming to each and every livestream class, and then joined us for a weekend of fun at the BLISS temple

Meet the guests monk

Reuben, Southampton

"I'm buzzing off the pristine vibes of chanting for our weekend, and for the beautiful food that has been prepared and served and the delicious company that I've enjoyed. It's been great associating with some devotees and connecting, so I really appreciate it. Thank you. Something that's really going to stick in my memory is dancing through the crowds in Oxford Street, and singing Hare Krishna with you guys playing. That is going to stick in my memory for a long time."

Karolina, London

Woman on bus

"My experience was an auspicious one, with lovely monks and delicious food. I managed to chant so many rounds for the very first time in my life and was excited about it. Chanting doesn't seem so difficult when together with others, except that concentration is required at the very beginning. But when you start, you feel like you don't want to stop!"

John, USA

Man in room

"It's a Happening at The Bliss Temple! Singing, praying, worshipping and glorifying the Holy Names. Chanting 16 rounds with you was Amazing! Pure Bliss. Hare Krishna. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this event. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada."

Felix, Manchester

Woman with piercings

"Would just like to say how enjoyable and professional the Live Like a Monk event was. The rituals and activities were well planned and simple to follow. There was a positive, friendly atmosphere for those of us participating online. Thank you to all those who took part in bringing this experience out of the temple and into our homes."

Ryan, USA

Man in prayer pose

“Attending the assembly of Devotees is a sure way to improve upon one’s own life and understanding of the Nature of our condition in this material universe. The lectures and classes given by His Grace Purujit Dasa Bramacari are based on thousands of years of tradition, and the teachings being presented here reflect a very pure and profound truth, that of raising one’s own awareness and improving upon one’s material condition by becoming more Krsna Conscious. Attending associations such as these have a purifying affect on one’s own life, because right understanding of the basic principles of Krishna Consciousness uplift the spirit and inspire one to serve God and humanity. Hare Krishna.”

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