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Are We Alone In The Universe?

The general conception is that we are, but that is simply not logical. Read on to understand why we are not only not alone but our very source of authority for understanding such things is completely faulty.

I am sure everyone has heard about aliens, those little green guys from Men in Black or E.T. But who would believe such a childish idea right? If we think about it though, why is it childish? Let's forget about the movies that show those guys as little green men with big eyes etc. What does alien actually mean? It means "a stranger." How can you say that strangers don't exist? Let's say a man from Germany comes to the USA. We would call him a stranger. So why can't a person from a different planet can come here? And on what ground do you believe there is no life on other planets? Have you been there, seen that there is nothing, and are now confirming it? "Oh, the scientist have been on Moon and said there is no life." Why do you believe an imperfect human authority? Everybody has the propensity to cheat, make mistakes, no-one has perfect senses and all are prone to fall into illusion. They investigated the Moon by those same imperfect senses.

Do you take that as all in all? Is something true only if you can see it? Can you see your eyelid? Your eyelid is so close to your eye and even then you cannot see it. Imagine I come down from the Moon, land in the Sahara desert and conclude there is no life on planet Earth, period. The material scientists are just like that; they have been on one spot, saw a desert like place and said "there is no life on the Moon." Did they even actually land there? According to material calculations, scientists themselves say it is not possible to penatrate through the layers in the atmosphere by a rocket, because the materials of the rocket would melt due to the influence of the van helen belt of the atmosphere. You see, one says "we have been there" and another says "it is not possible to go there." How can you believe authorities that contradict each others conclusions? We accept everything from Krishna and from the Vedas. Krishna is recognized as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, which is confirmed by many great and recognized authorities. We call this the "parampara": The disciplic succession. Each great authority in the line has passed the same message to the next authority without any alterations to the conclusion. But scientists contradict each other at every step, so you cannot trust their succession: there is nothing solid. You can trust the Vedic succession because it is continuous. Is there anything better? No. So accept it theoretically and study it from the Supreme authority: Lord Krishna.

Ultimately, we are all aliens because we don't belong to this materialistic world. We are strangers. We came here to imitate Krishna, but we are always unsuccessful in that attempt. Krishna is the original and only enjoyer and we are His servants, we are the enjoyed. We are not this body, we are in the body, as the soul. The soul is entrapped in the body. For the soul, the body is foreign. The body changes from childhood to boyhood and eventually to the body of an old man. All those types of body are gone, but you are not. So are you the material body? No, you can't be. So then you are an alien being in foreign body. And every alien or stranger naturally has his home. Then the natural conclusion is that we also have a home and that home is in the spiritual world. So we should hear from Lord Krishna how to get a ticket back home, back to Godhead.

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