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Unborn Within

Manu-smrti says that lust cannot be satisfied by any amount of sense enjoyment, just as fire is never extinguished by a constant supply of fuel. Frustrated by the process of mundane sense gratification, a bewildered living entity after many attempts to enjoy material nature desires to indulge in the highest perversion of religion by taking the position of the Supreme Godhead. To cover such an ugly and selfish pinnacle of material lust he becomes an attacker and a critic of the true sankirtana movement by claiming that the devotees are a bunch of fanatical zealots by surrendering everything including philantrophic and other mundane endeavors to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Instead, he claims one should surrender to the "unborn within" Krishna failing to assimilate that in Krishna who is constitutionally advayam (non-dual), there is no difference between within and without.

All that is unborn within is the envy of such bewildered entity and when a pure devotional path of full surrender to the personality of Godhead is practiced and preached under the bona-fide guidance of the true acharya, the supreme personality of servitor Godhead, the ugly and selfish desire that resides within the foolish person's heart that is unborn within becomes born without and manifests as the so-called love for the material causes of nationalism, sectarianism and mundane philantrophy which divert the general public from the path of full surrender to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

One should dedicate one's everything for the service of Godhead. This is the true religion of the soul and such religion is updated regularly by the Lord and His pure representatives in various parts of the world according to the time, place and circumstances. Unable to appreciate such pure representatives of non-dual Godhead and victimized by the desire to instead take up the seat of Godhead, the impersonalists waste valuable time in the human form to disturb the cause of Godhead and His devotees who never partake in the mundane philatrophic actvities motivated by the desire to take up the seat of Godhead, who is the only giver of rewards and punishments for the living entities suffering under the laws of karma.

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