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Srila Prabhupada Reveals The Dark Secrets of Sex Life.

A liberated soul knows all the secrets of everyone because has full knowledge of everything, being connected to the supreme absolute truth. Therefore when one hears from such a liberated soul he can get access to all secrets, including the very root of our existence within this world. Read the following article to find out more.

The liberated acharya is free from any attachment to the material world, nor does his character contains even a slight tinge of lust. Therefore he speaks the truth as it is even at the risk of being killed by the opposite party of motivated non-devotees. By ardent hearing from such a liberated acharya, we have the unique opportunity to understand the material world and its dark secrets. By such hearing we also can become liberated and achieve the supreme abode of the Lord at the time of death. The material lust is the perverted reflection of the love of God which is natural for every living entity. If one is educated in Krsna consciousness from the very beginning, the natural love of God cannot deteriorate into lust. However, when love of God deteriorates into lust, it is very difficult to return to the normal condition. Since lust is the perverted reflection of the love of Godhead, it is its essence eternal and in its original state it serves as the ever-generating incentive for the unalloyed devotion. Pure devotees situated on the highest stage of spiritual advancement feel always incompetent in their service and thus eternally try to pursue the ever-escaping ideal of perfection of their service. Such "imperfection" is the transcendental engine of their love for the Lord, who is as unlimited as their unlimited desire to serve Him. When such pure love is diverted to any object of this material world whether a wife, husband, family, society, mankind or even the whole intergalactic population of the sum total of all universes it only brings frustration. Such lust cannot be satisfied by any material means and thus simply degrades the living entity to the most abominable species of life. Srila Prabhupada, who is a liberated soul fully aware of such a condition of the materialistic living entities states: "From the very beginning of life, those who are ajitendriya, who cannot control their senses, are educated only for sense gratification, as we have seen in the Western countries. Thus the entire duration of a life of even one hundred years is wasted and misused, and at the time of death one transmigrates to another body, which may not be human. At the end of one hundred years, one who has not acted as a human being in a life of tapasya (austerity and penance) must certainly be embodied again in a body like those of cats, dogs and hogs. Therefore this life of lusty desires and sense gratification is extremely risky." (SB 7.6.9 purport) Just as in the prison one is bound by the shackles, the conditioned soul is shackled in this world of misery by sex desire. When lust is not elevated from the mode of passion to the mode of goodness it degenerate into the mode of ignorance and covers the living entity's knowledge. Lord Krsna states that such lust is the enemy of the world, killer of knowledge and self-realization. Therefore in any civilized society, the leaders should endeavor to elevate the population from their on-going bondage to lust. For this purpose the Lord has spoken the Bhagavad-gita, which represents the summum bonum of all knowledge and the essence of the Bhagavad-gita has been passed down since that time through the disciplic succession of self-realized spiritual masters. This is done through a)the arrangement of the society into social divisions according to one's propensity and engagement b)through the scientific process of spiritual family-planning. The combined system is known by the name of varna asrama dharma and its purpose is to elevate people's lust to love of God. When this system is neglected or perverted by self-motivated so-called spiritual leaders, this natural propensity of the living entity to serve the Lord in pure love manifests in various social and sexual perversions. Thus disease, pandemic, social injustice, wars pursue. Only a fool number one tries to disassociate the ills of the society from the uncontrolled sex life and similarly only a pure devotee exposes this root of all material problems. Srila Prabhupada notes: Prabhupada: The unmarried girls, they keep dog for sex. You do not know? He knows. You will find very beautiful girl is keeping very big dog. They are trained to have sex life. And that is cause of syphilis. The dog is full of syphilitic germs. It is called phiranga in the Ayur Veda. And one who has got syphilitic germs, his life is doomed. Unless it is properly treated and cured, so many disease will follow. So many. This craziness is also due to syphilitic poison, parents. Sudama: There is a case of a very famous gangster, Al Capone, and others. They died in the prison house of syphilis of the mind, brain. Prabhupada: Just see. Sudama: They went crazy. Prabhupada: So how much by nature the sex life is condemned in so many ways. Therefore we say "No illicit sex." It will save you from so many encumbrances. Sex life is not denied, but this unrestricted sex life is very very abominable in human society. But they are encouraging unrestricted sex life. They are distributing tablets, encouraging others to have sex life. Never mind. Unmarried girls they are keeping dogs. One lady in America, she told me that the dogs are kept for this purpose. When I was going to walk in that park in Brooklyn, the young girls are bringing dogs, big, big dogs. You were not at that time with me? Syamasundara: Yes. I don't remember. Prabhupada: Bhavananda. Bhavananda was taking me to that big park. Syamasundara: Yes. I went. Prospect. Was it called Prospect? Prabhupada: Prospect Park. Yes. Go on. Just try to understand the situation of the world. And you are living in this world. How much careful you have to become. (Srimad-Bhagavatam 2.9.9 -- Tokyo, April 25, 1972, Informal Class in Room) What makes a beautiful girl to have sex with a dog? What makes others to engage in all sort of abominable sex life? After all, this is a very dirty and a disgusting activity. Srila Prabhupada explains on the basis of the statement in the 2nd Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam that the genital organs are covered by a subtle substance invisible to our eyes that gives the intense pleasure of sex. For this reason, one does not hesitate to beget children and suffer the burden of responsibility or engage in the most abominable sex acts with dogs etc. Srila Prabhupada states:

" The genitals and the pleasure of begetting counteract the distresses of family encumbrances. One would cease to generate altogether if there were not, by the grace of the Lord, a coating, a pleasure-giving substance, on the surface of the generative organs. This substance gives a pleasure so intense that it counteracts fully the distress of family encumbrances. A person is so captivated by this pleasure-giving substance that he is not satisfied by begetting a single child, but increases the number of children, with great risk in regard to maintaining them, simply for this pleasure-giving substance. This pleasure-giving substance is not false, however, because it originates from the transcendental body of the Lord. In other words, the pleasure-giving substance is a reality, but it has taken on an aspect of pervertedness on account of material contamination. In the material world, sex life is the cause of many distresses on account of material contact. Therefore, the sex life in the material world should not be encouraged beyond the necessity. There is a necessity for generating progeny even in the material world, but such generation of children must be carried out with full responsibility for spiritual values. The spiritual values of life can be realized in the human form of material existence, and the human being must adopt family planning with reference to the context of spiritual values, and not otherwise. The degraded form of family restriction by use of contraceptives, etc., is the grossest type of material contamination. Materialists who use these devices want to fully utilize the pleasure potency of the coating on the genitals by artificial means, without knowing the spiritual importance. And without knowledge of spiritual values, the less intelligent man tries to utilize only the material sense pleasure of the genitals. (SB 2.6.9 purport) It is therefore of utmost importance for the society as a whole to arrange scientific educational institution that would educate young men and young women in the process of brahmacarya (celibate student life) and later on transcendental householder life. By engaging one's senses and propensities in the service of Krishna, one can become free from the lower taste and elevate one's consciousness to the highest perfectional state.

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