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Perfection Of Gender Equality

gender equality

No matter how much endeavor we make to solve it, if we overlook the primal cause of the problem we can never come to its solution. Similarly, the ideals of gender equality that are so much desired by the contemporary society cannot be reached unless we tackle the problem in our understanding of God, which is believed to be the prime source of all that is. Religion (or its absence) has always been a major factor in the development of the society's ideals both cultural and socio-political and although throughout the history there have been emergence of many religions but none of them scientifically deal with the female aspect of God. Janmady asya yatah. Everything comes from God. Therefore the feminine nature must also be in God and just as for a child's development it is highly beneficial to have a father and mother relationship which both enrich the child with specific individual qualities, it is of great importance for any religious person to know along with the father our supreme mother and the nature of their relationship.

Such sublime perfection of gender equality can be found in the Divine Personalities of Radha and Krishna, or Hare Krishna. Hare stands for Radha, who is the energy of Godhead and Krishna stands for the energetic source of Godhead. They are both inseparable and equal in every respect and yet stand as unique and individual personalities for the purpose of divine pleasure distinct from the disease idea of impersonal monism. A comparison can be drawn from the material world in the phenomenon of simultaneous oneness and difference of the sun and the sunshine. Sun is not the sun without its sunshine, yet if we claim to have the whole of the sun in our room just because there's sunshine peeking through our window, it would be incorrect. Although they are one and the same, they both have their distinct qualities. Similarly, although there is no qualitative difference between Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha and Krishna, They are exhibit their individual characteristics. This is not in any way diminishing their divine equality. Quite the opposite, their distinct individual functions are making their divine equality meaningful. Thus Krishna is the Supreme purusha or enjoyer, while Sri Radha is the supreme pleasure potency of Sri Krishna. In such ying yang symbiosis lay the principle of divine enjoyment, which is always distinct from the perverted enjoyment of the material body in the temporary shadow manifestation called the material world. Although Sri Krishna is the eternal source and thus the object of Sri Radha's love, Radha is ever more merciful to the conditioned souls who seek the favor of Sri Krishna and She bestows Her divine mercy to those who serve the Lord despite all obstacles. Therefore the devotee always addresses her with the sublime word Hare before he addresses the Lord with the sublime word Krishna. If Srimati Radharani becomes pleased with the attitude of the devotee, Sri Krishna cannot refuse Her recommendation. Thus the transcendental address to Their Lordships, namely Hare Krishna is the perfection of religion and perfection of gender equality. Such perfection stays always aloof from the pushy and uncultured conception of the prakrta-sahajiya who pointlessly equalizes the perverted conception of sex life with the divine relationship of the Lord and His energy in futile attempt to reach spiritual satisfaction through sexual indulgence. One should always disassociate from such unfortunate fellows. One should always cultivate a healthy attitude of unworthiness in taking part in the pastimes of the divine couple and approach such topics under the guidance of a self-realized spiritual master.

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