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Newspaper Clipping Series 1.

While reading through Srila Prabhupada's letters, I found His Divine Grace referring to a newspaper article about his movement in a mainstream periodical. I found it an interesting idea to try to fish the article out and see what was it about. After a little browsing, here it is. I hope to find some more to add up to this series as these articles may provide some unseen photographs of Srila Prabhupada and his disciples and give us a glimpse into the contemporary perception of the Hare Krishna movement and the way Srila Prabhupada dealt with it.

'Some years before, when I was staying in your Prem Kutir you expressed your desire to organize a SANKIRTAN party, and I wish that it may be done now to help me in my mission. If you have got opportunity to purchase one copy of Life Magazine, published Feb. 9, 1968, you will find there on page 56, how nicely the American boys and girls are dancing and chanting the Holy Name of the Lord.' (Letter to Harikrishnadas Agarwal, March 3, 1968)

As I said in my last letter to you, I shall come there whenever you like; simply you must send me plane tickets, and I shall come. If you could arrange for speaking engagements that is very nice. I am leaving this place for San Francisco on the 8th of March, and as you like, I can fly from S.F. to Bahama Islands sometimes in March or April; we can make further arrangements as to the exact day after I return to S.F. You may show the woman in charge of the club our recent article in Life magazine if you like, which was published on Feb. 9, 1968, page 56.

Yes, whoever you tell the chant to, it is effective. You have heard it from me and my disciples, similarly I have heard it from my Guru Maharaja, and so on, and on. Because you have heard it from a pure devotee of the Lord, therefore it is transmitted from you to another. Just as an aerial message, is transmitted from one place to another, similarly, this Guru parampara system is working. My disciples are my agents, my representatives, so by hearing it from them, you are receiving it from me. And because you are a sincere soul, those who are hearing the Mantra from you are receiving it in disciplic succession, from Lord Caitanya and from Lord Krishna. (Letter to Andrea Temple, March 6, 1968)

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