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Narada Das Visits Bliss

Narada Das, otherwise known as Nathan Hartley, is a long time Krishna devotee and friend of Bliss. He is the founder of The Hare Krishna Project, a charitable foundation that organises kirtans, school preaching and book distribution with kirtan superstar Neera Haria around the U.K..

Narada Prabhu is also the author of two books, The Hare Krishnas in Britain and the upcoming expose: Black Magic, Booze and Bhakti. He is the founder and host of the popular Hare Krishna Podcast wherein he discusses topics of interest and intrigue with devotees from different Krishna organisations all across the world, and where many of our Bliss devotees have had the pleasure of being featured and interviewed!

Every so often Bliss is blessed by a visit from this nice devotee, and copious amounts of prasadam are honoured over long talks. On his most recent visit, Narada Prabhu brought with him something very special, a gift we did not ask for but that we are so enthusiastic to accept. More on that later...

His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada

Narada Das joins the Bliss podcast

During his visit, we recorded an upcoming episode of the Bliss podcast. Like and follow our Facebook page to stay updated on its release.

On his last visit, Narada Prabhu came to join the celebration of His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada's disappearance day and give a talk at the first and second initiation ceremony of His Grace Nityananda Das and Krsna Prema Devi Dasi

Bliss members interviewed by The Hare Krishna Podcast

His Grace Purujit Das

We know you want to know more about our teacher, His Grace Purujit Prabhu. Here you go: an in depth interview to satisfy your curiosity!

His Grace Maitreya Rsi Das

How did this young man from America come to be our trusty temple president?

Her Grace Dora Mataji

Our book distributor superstar shares her story.

Krsna Prema Devi Dasi

A young Bhaktin Love (now Krsna Prema Devi Dasi) is interviewed.

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