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Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories: Did We Or Did We Not Go To The Moon?

There's been a light on in the bramachari ashram at BLISS London, sometimes up till 10:30pm. It can only mean one thing: our resident conspiracy enthusiast, His Grace Nityananda Dasa, is head deep down a rabbit hole of another conspiracy theory. This time: the moon! lamoon landing conspiracy theory

Srila Prabhupada next to picture of the moon

Did we or did we not go to the moon? Srila Prabhupada spoke on the topic a lot. So our Nityananda has been sifting through 3-hour long documentaries to get the facts straight. Did we or did we not go to the moon? Discover all in tomorrow's Bhagavatam class, where he will reveal his findings. Turn on notifications to get an alert when we go live!

astronaught by moon

What's On?

Moon Landing Class: New Shocking Facts Revealed


Friday 3rd May 2024


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