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Did We Believe In The Law Of Gravitation Blindly Like Fools?

Ever heard of gravity? I presume you might have learned something in school and just accepted it because the teachers told you it was real. But did you ever look around at some really elementary aspects of reality and wonder; "Is all that gravity jargon just a bunch of nonsensical speculation?" If not, Srila Prabhupada is here to help you out.

Syamasundara: Once you said that science means to know everything about something. Everything about something. So practically there is no science. They don’t know. "Maybe," "Could be," "Perhaps."

Prabhupada: Yes, science means everything about. That is science. Now we know that. "Something" means Krsna. And so far we understand from the sastra, we can explain everything.

Syamasundara: But they can’t explain anything about what they’re working with. It's all theories.

Prabhupada: Law of gravitation: the apple falls down. They find out, discover law of gravitation. But why the apple falls here—now find out this way, not that way. (laughter)

Syamasundara: They say that the earth, the center of the earth, is iron, is mostly iron, and that makes magnetic field around the earth so that everything is drawn toward the center.

Prabhupada: But the tree grows in this way. What is that force?

Syamasundara: It's trying to resist gravity. Growing means to grow against gravity.

Prabhupada: But why doesn’t it grow this way? The tree is growing this way. Why not this way?

Syamasundara: Sometimes, if it is trying to get the sunlight . . .

Prabhupada: Sometimes . . . (break)

Syamasundara: . . . the law of least resistance.

Prabhupada: So change it. Grow it this way.

Syamasundara: If they have to get the light, to the light, sometimes they grow like this.

Prabhupada: Then there is "if." Then is beyond your control. When you say: "if," then it is beyond your control.

Svarupa Damodara: It's controlled by Krsna.

Prabhupada: Yes.

Syamasundara: Laws of nature.

Prabhupada: Yes. And nature is controlled by Krsna. Therefore ultimate controller is Krsna. Now they have manufactured this aeroplane, and the design is just like bird. They cannot make any other design and fly. The two wings must be there. Now fly your airplane without any wings.

So all these Xerox copy, that's all. That is their credit—copying. And they are taking, by copying, the same childish play. By preparing something nonsense, you can make another nonsense. They are taking it, "Mother, I have done this. Mother I have done this." Mother says: "Yes, dance, dance, dance like monkey." (laughter) Mother knows what that is. This is going on.

Syamasundara: So even make a little airplane out of paper and throw it, they think . . .

Prabhupada: Relative. According to my knowledge I throw it, that's all. And his knowledge is mechanical. But he does not know how many big, big aeroplanes and planets are floating in the air. That is creation of God.

That aeroplane, so much mechanical element, and as soon as there is a big wind, "Fasten your belt." (laughter) When there is danger, "Fasten your belt." But this big lump of matter, earth, so much, I mean, bluster and so much air and wind, but we do not feel any trembling. But it is actually blowing. That's a fact.

Syamasundara: Two thousand miles, around?

Prabhupada: And moving at one thousand miles per hour. They cannot understand. This is perfection. God never says: "Now a big blast is coming: fasten your belt. Fasten your belt." (laughter)

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