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Last Chance to Book: Rama Navami at BLISS

Purujit Prabhu is preaching

Maitreya Prabhu and Dora Mataji are planning the menu

Nityananda Prabhu is building Srila Prabhupada's new vyasasan

Dhananjaya Prabhu is out distributing books

Heidha mataji and Krsna Prema mataji are cleaning and tidying

...all in preparation for tomorrow's festivities!

Join us at the BLISS London temple for an evening program full of kirtan, Krishna katha, talks with the monks, feasting and spiritual ecstacies!

Our Rama Namavi festival starts at 4pm, Wednesday 17th April 2024.

Sign up here!

Lord Rama in a forest
This is an original AI image created for the Matchless Gift magazine issue 10

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