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How I Came to Krishna Consciousness

So, are you interested in knowing my insignificant story, the story of the little soul out of many souls, who fell into the material darkness and is trying to practice devotional service? Okay, it goes as follows.

Everything was cool. I was cracking jokes, I was popular at school and I was physically strong. And at the same time, I was trying different kinds of "spiritual stuff" like astral traveling, observing auras, ghost invoking, believing in the strength of my mind, meditation and many others. After trying all that, I was still not satisfied and I became frustrated. At the same time my sister was suffering from depression and she ended up in psychiatry.That was a most crucial event. She met there my spiritual brother Makhancora Prabhu who, at the time, was

working as a psychiatrist. She had some sessions with him and they were discussing different things. But Makhancora was already practicing, while working as a psychiatrist, Krishna consciousness. He was sharing his practice with my sister during the sessions because as a preacher he naturally feels enthusiastic to do that. After some talks, she tried her first kirtan, or glorification of Lord Krishna, by chanting His holy names. After this, she felt incredibly relaxed and also experienced something beyond description. After she returned back home she immediately shared it with me. I felt very inspired to meet Makhancora personally.

Later on, I began to understand why I had experienced depression and anxiety. At that time I was 19, I couldn't continue my study at high school properly and I had to skip 2 months from school. Just after that I came to finish my final exam at school and I ended up at psychiatry like my sister, in the hands of Makhancora Prabhu, with my sister! We met there and my first therapeutic session was a lecture on the Bhagavad-gita, a book spoken by Lord Krishna Himself to

Arjuna, His friend, about Arjuna's duty - to fight against his relatives in war. That was really enlightening. And what to speak of my first kirtan at Makhancora's place! That was, overall, the best moment I had experienced in my life! I felt completely free of depression, anxiety, I was very high and blissful. There were also some transcendental feelings I

had never experienced before.

 Since then I started to practice chanting here and there, a little reading, I was visiting Makhancora Prabhu, we would go together to different places,

hang over at his place and I was telling about what I was doing to few of my friends etc. Then I started to visit a temple, which Makhancora Prabhu established, for a week, then I went back

to my hometown for many months and ultimately I joined temple at one point. That time I also met Purujit Prabhu, leader of the B.L.I.S.S and the headpriest, and other devotees as well. And now we have a new center in Spain in a quarter of La Linea de la Concepción, where devotees are going to distribute our spiritual master’s books in Gibraltar, cook for Krishna and are building up a new congregation.

That’s the story of how I came to Krishna consciousness.

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