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How did the living entities get trapped in this material world?

This article by Bhaktin reena explains one of the most commonly asked questions in Krishna consciousness; why are we here?

Why did God's expansions come under the influence of Lord's materialistic energy Maya?

Living entities are not direct expansions of the Lord. There are variegated energies or classification like tattvas. We get the information from the Acharyas and scriptures.

The swamsha expansions are direct expansions and Vibhinnamsha are the living entities or jivas not under the category of Vishnu murtis or direct expansions. The devatas are empowered entities of Parabrahman.

There are qualitative manifestations as well. The jivas with covered consciousness or avidya belong to the marginal potency or jiva tattva. They are fallible or carry the tendency to be covered by avidya or ignorance the result of which is karma bandhan or bondage in the worldly existence due to the influence of material qualities.

In jiva tattva we have nitya baddhas or eternally conditioned souls. There are nitya muktas/siddhas divided into sadhana siddha and kripa siddha. The muktas are liberated from karmic bondage through spiritual practices or sadhana or are specially favoured by the Lord and His devotees or eternal associates. The baddha jivas are least attracted to the knowledge of self being engrossed in deep sense gratification due to lack of sukriti or spiritual merit of the soul.

Such souls seek perpetual happiness on the mundane platform and are forever entrapped by the illusory potency of maya or material nature.

This enchantress plays various tricks to keep the soul engaged in the shackles of worldly duties and responsibilities through attachments and affection of family life and society or nation that warrants sincere attention and continued devotion of the soul till it is encased in the body. However, the grace of a bonafide spiritual master helps such a soul to realise the flickering nature of this material world and think about the eternal self.

Attraction to the lotus feet of Lord Hari is the only hope for the soul in order to free itself from perpetual suffering in this material world.

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