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Help Us Afford A Dryer

Hare Krishna! WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Our humble temple is based in London and our concern this winter is the drying of our clothes.

The weather is very quickly getting colder, and our clothes are simply not drying by using only sunlight. The frequent UK rain is also a big difficulty.

Therefore we are struggling very much to keep our clothes dry every day, and our cheap dryer is running literally 24 hours per day, not only wasting a lot of electricity but also risking getting burned out, leaving us with wet clothes, and unable to perform our activities.

We have also significantly increased in the number of devotees, which is always great, but more devotees means more clothes to dry, and the situation is getting out of hand, with devotees having to wear wet clothes and risking their bodily health.

Therefore the only option for us is to purchase a clothes dryer and this is where we require your urgent help.

PLEASE GIVE from your heart and help us afford the new machine.

We have found this excellent dryer which is capable of drying 16kg of clothes at once, and has the highest energy efficiency rating available, meaning it will save the temple a lot of electricity expenses.

Please GIVE in order to SAVE!

It's manufactured by Samsung and it is semi commercial, meaning it is capable of operating at a higher intensity for longer periods of time.

Please help us afford this essential machine and help us stay warm and dry this upcoming winter.

Hare Krishna


This is the dryer that we have selected, if you have a better one, let us know.

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