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Follow the Spiritual Master and Don't Manufacture Anything New.

Sometimes it is seen that for sake of trying to preach, devotees compromise the spiritual master's teaching, and thereby disobey his order either directly or indirectly. Srila Prabhupada herein explains the cause and effect of this.

Without raising oneself to the standard of the mode of goodness, one remains in ignorance and passion, which are the cause of demoniac life. Those in the modes of passion and ignorance deride the scriptures, deride the holy man, and deride the proper understanding of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. They disobey the instructions of the spiritual master, and they do not care for the regulations of the scriptures. In spite of hearing the glories of devotional service, they are not attracted. Thus they manufacture their own way of elevation. These are some of the defects of human society which lead to the demoniac status of life. If, however, one is able to be guided by a proper and bona fide spiritual master, who can lead one to the path of elevation, to the higher stage, then one's life becomes successful.

Bg 16.24

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