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Devotees Always Want Radha With Krishna.

Sometimes we see paintings and pictures of Radharani without her eternal lover, Krishna. However, Krishna is never without Radharani. They are the eternal, divine couple.

We are Krsna's parts and parcels and have been created to give pleasure to Krsna. The chief pleasure potency is Radharani, and so Radha-Krsna are always together.

EK 5: Knowing Krsna's Energies

The mentality of separating Sita from Rama, or Radha from Krishna, is actually a Ravana mentality, an enjoyer-ship mentality.

We are not of the mentality of Ravana who took Laksmi from Narayana and became ruined. Keep Laksmi and Narayana always together and you will become as powerful as Hanuman. He is always worshiped along with Lord Rama and Laksmi-Sita. There are many temples of Hanuman in India.

Letter to: Karandhara -- Honolulu 18 June, 1975

Ravana-class man wants only Sita, not Rama. Rama, they are condemning, these rascals, Suniti Chatterjee and others. But our mission is to keep Rama and Sita together. We are not satisfied that Rama should remain alone and Sita should be under the custody of Ravana. We can't... I don't want. Sita must be released from the custody of Ravana.

Morning Walk, February 29, 1976, Mayapur

As Vaishnavas we worship the energy always with the energetic. they are inseparable. that's why we chant 'Hare' before 'Krishna.'

daivi prakrti means the Lord's spiritual potency. Therefore the vaisnavas worship Sita-Rama together, the Lord's spiritual potency and Ramacandra, Radharani -- Radha-Govinda, Laksmi-Narayana together. First the Lord's energy or sakti is worshiped and then the Lord or saktiman is worshiped. This is how the devotees worship the Lord.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.7, March 22, 1975, Calcutta

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