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A Part, Apart: A Devotional Poem

This is from the Matchless Gift magazine, volume 1. Matchless Gift is a brand new Krishna conscious magazine designed, written and edited by the BLISS devotees. All funds go towards spreading Srila Prabhupada's movement. If you like what you read, please support us and buy a copy here! poem

A Part, Apart


The lotus feet of Sri Krishna and Sri Sri Radharani
Lotus feet, lotus everything

I sat by a tree and saw two pairs of feet

Prefaced by bejeweled cows, hopping rabbits, frogs, peaches, peacocks,

and buzzing bees

I could but peer at those two feets

Walking in unison, but walking isn’t the right word.

Absolutely effulgent

One, two golden pink

Three, four, blue

Unable to look up, near blinded by radiant light

I saw then only eyes

Lotus eyes

Only believed by being seen

The sweetest

The kindest

The strongest

The most enticing

The remedy for my poor, separated soul

Her Grace, perfection in divinity and devotion, in absolute knowing, Sri Sri Radharani

Gave me the grace of her transcendental words:

“Trust Prabhupada,” she said. “He understands Us.”

And so, with a heavy body, and a heart full of pain, an existence full of discomfort, and a linear path to detachment, to freedom,

I continue.


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