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Why is Lord Vishnu born as Krishna?

An article by Bhaktin Reena

Whatever Lord Krishna has done, Lord Vishu could have done it in his original form.

The original form of Vishnu is krishna.. The Supreme Lord krishna is eternally present in Goloka dham, the highest spiritual abode and He is manifested as Himself in this material world as an incarnation of Vishnu but is known as Purnavatar because He displayed His potencies that cannot be comprehended by the material consciousness. Lord Krishna is a mystery to everyone. His activities cannot be understood even by great devatas like Lord Shiva what to speak of ordinary human beings with limited mindset. This incarnation is very special. The most special.

He is even unknown to the Voidists, impersonalists.. what to speak of agnostics, atheists and those who are from abrahmic faiths. Even the Vishnu bhaktas may not fully grasp the prema aspect of Lord krishna and it is basically because it is another stream in the same ocean of pure love of God. In Goloka dham, the reverential aspect is transcended by the pure associates of the Supreme Lord. This is the highest form of consciousness and it cannot be comprehended easily by everyone on the spiritual path. The Lord knows His devotees. All the pure devotees of Lord Vishnu are equally worshippable and are favoured by Lord Shiva Himself who states the same to Mata Parvati in Padma Puran.

Hence, all Acharyas who are pure devotees of the Lord under Vaishnava traditions are worthy of all respects and humble prayers.

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