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Who Has The Biggest Brain?

Scientists often challenge the faithful theists that because so-called science has advanced so much there is therefore no need of God. They try to take credit for creation. In the following conversation, Srila Prabhupada challenges them right back.

Srila Prabhupada Prabhupada: The other day while coming on the plane you told me that they are trying to make copy of the brain of . . .

Syamasundara: Einstein.

Prabhupada: Einstein. So still, if you can copy, even if you can copy, you are not the original scientist, because that brain of Einstein is already created. So original creation is God's. So you can imitate. So you are imitator scientist. (break) Is it not?

Martin: It's true.

Prabhupada: Who has created the brain of Professor Einstein? You have not created. You are trying to make a Xerox copy, that's all. But the original is already there. Now who has created the original brain? Then you have to go to God. But you have not created. It is not my men. If man could create such brain, then, "Ah, never mind the professor has died. We create another person like."

That you cannot. So even if you are able to imitate, you are not the supreme scientist. First of all, it is doubtful. So accepting that you will be able to copy, a Xerox copy of Einstein's brain, that does not give you the credit. The credit is already there, God's credit. At least we shall not give you any credit. We shall speak that the original brain is created by God. You cannot create. If you have the power to create, then there was no necessity of copying. You could create better brain.

That you haven't got. You are trying to take Xerox copy from that brain. Just like big, big aeroplanes are flying, but their . . . the shape is made after the bird. The original shape, bird, is created by God. He has got the same type of machine even within an insect, small insect flying. You can create a small aeroplane like that? That is not possible. Then what is your credit?

Here is God's credit, a small fly, near water. You create it. You see? You can create a big, but you cannot a small. Therefore you are incapable. But God can create the biggest and the smallest. Anor aniyan mahato mahiyan (Katha Upanisad 1.2.20). He can create the greater than the greatest and the smaller than the smallest.

Syamasundara: And our big airplane cannot reproduce another airplane.

Prabhupada: That's it. You cannot create a male aeroplane and female aeroplane so that you haven't got to manufacture a third one. The third one is produced. Why third one? Third millions. And again third millions, another million, another million. That is God's creation. That means He has got different energies.

He pushes on one button of one energy and the production goes on. Sa asrjata, sa iksata. These are the Vedic explanation. His energies are so subtle. Just like nowadays electronic, one television button you press, and thousands and thousands of miles away something is happening you see. So if it is materially possible . . . it is nothing but exhibition of the energy of the human brain.

So if human brain can exhibit such wonderful activities, how much God can do? He has got better brain, that's all, or the best brain. If you have got brain, that's all right, but He has got the best brain, param. Therefore He is called parampurusa, paramesvara. Parama means the best, the supreme. God is like you, like me. He has got also two hands, two legs, Krsna. But His brain is different.

Just like you are scientist, your brain is better than me, or his brain is better than you, and his brain is better than him. In this way you go on searching. When you find the brain which has no more better, that is God. That is God. As you are finding out better brain than you, he is better than his, he better than his—you go on researching—when you find out some brain which surpasses everyone's and nobody surpasses Him, that is God. This is our definition of God.

How can I deny it? We don't accept blindly anyone as God, incarnation of God. We want to see who has got the best brain, who has got the best opulence, who has got the best beauty, who has got the best knowledge, who has got the best strength. All combined together, if we find in some person, that is God. That we have found in Krsna, therefore He is God

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