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Presentation for 'The BLISS Village project'

The aim of this facebook page is to establish a fully self sufficient - Krsna consciouss village where at least 200 devotees can live, based on the teachings and principles of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

We have chosen Slovenia as an appropriate country for this project, since the land is very fertile and the people are very friendly. The weather is also stable and balanced, which is good for maintaining a farm. From my research, the land is also quite cheap and abundand, with a lot of fresh water springs.

Slovenia is also trying to have new people move into it, so the immigration laws are relaxed and not too strict, which works in our favour since the BLISS is an international organization.

The BLISS has already established a temple in London and with this project we are taking a step even further.

By creating a whole village of BLISS members, this will give an environment for all kinds of devotees, like family couples to come, work in nature and create something meaningful, and also raise beautiful, intelligent, Krsna conscious children :)

We will also provide a place to live for brahmacaris and a seperate ashrama for the matajis. Our goal is to train up anyone who shows sincere interest in Srila Prabhupada's teachings and mission.

The guiding principle of the village is 'simple living, high thinking', but getting to that point is not so simple, there is a lot of planning and research required. So let us make a collective effort of studying all the topics required for establishing this project and truly understanding what we need to get started. For example, topics like permaculture, self sufficiency, natural building materials, caring for cows and other animals, composting, keeping the ground healthy and thriving, caring for fruit trees and so on.

This list goes on and on, these are just a few topics I have slightly dipped my toes into already. However this project will also require legal research for example how to establish a community, registering the activity, immigration laws for foreigners, fundraising and buying the land,how to select good land having the rights to build and expand etc...

Sometimes it seems like this whole system is very fragile and the bubble is just about to burst. The modern world is facing many difficulties right now such as the covid epidemic, climate change, the food supply chain can break at any moment, money inflation because it is based on debt and so on.

This can serve us as a wake up call for realizing that a local based food and water supply is an absolute necessity.

When we produce locally we do not need to rely on so many factors of technology and material nature, and this makes such a self-sufficient community stand very strong on its own, even during times of the greatest crisis.

When sticks are gathered together in a bunch they are hard to break, but when you seperate them, then they are easier to break, one by one.

So let us join our intelligence and work together in order to please Srila Prabhupada by following his perfect instructions.

If we please the spiritual master, then surely Krsna will also be pleased.

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