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Monks Hit The Streets and Distribute Transcendental Treats

It was a continuous series of both hilarious and wonderful events at Camden down.

•People were arrested

•Fires were started

•Bhakta Davor sold a book to David Beckham (lookalike)

•A tree joined us on book distribution

•His Grace Purujit Dasa Brahmacari tried some new techniques.

•Maitreya Rishi dasa met a nice man called Kevin who carries around a baseball bat It's a pleasure to go out on street sankirtana, especially book distribution, because we always get to meet many varieties of nice (and sometimes not so nice) souls. London is a particularly hot hub of all kinds of people from all walks of life, countries and paths. If you happen to meet the BLISS sankirtana devotees out on your stroll somewhere in London, be sure to stop, say hello and take a nice book with you!

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