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Proof of God: Fact, Not Fairytale

Often, people simply dismiss the idea of God as a fairytale, an imagined old man who is simply a crutch for weaker minded persons. They say that because he cannot be seen he is a as good an imagined story character. But this is not a very good argument, and this article is a logical counter-argument to those who sentimentally avoid the topic of God.

Srimate Radharani looking up at Sri Krishna

Proof of God, explained

Is God a fairytale? I have heard this topic millions of times. "No, there is no God and let me be." But is that all? On what ground do you say there is no God? Have you been in every single corner of this planet, or what to speak of the universe? And what about other universes and planets? If you haven't, then you can't say He does not exist. Because you judge from the platform of the senses, you must first see or experience it. But consider this: In your whole life you would not be able to visit every corner of this planet, what to speak of other planets. Let's start smaller scale. Consider a big city like New York; there are so many streets there. Can you imagine going through every single street? Or visiting every single flat in those thousands of skyscrapers? And what about going underground dozens of kilometres? And to discover the depths of all those seas and oceans on the world? So you will not be able to find out everything with your eyes. Proof of God

New York buildings

Who is God actually? He is the supreme person. Do you want to say that the supreme person doesn't exist? How foolish. Is there no supreme person of New York? There is. It's the mayor. Is there no supreme person of the USA? There is. It's the president. So is there then no supreme person of all the universes, planets and the whole creation? It doesn't make sense. A big country is being run by the president, but this whole creation isn't? Such a denial is childish. There is a "supreme person" in every department and field. The same is for the whole creation, and that is the absolute supreme person.

The Vedas say that His name is Krishna. Let's just kick out this is religion or faith. Just accept it theoretically and let's deal with arguments, not sentiments. If there is already such a person, does it mean he is alone? Is Joe Biden alone? No. He has his servants, citizens, constables, etc. That is why he is the president. A president is always ruling over somebody. So then the absolute supreme must also be ruling over people, and all those servants, citizens etc. are serving him. All of them cooperate on how to please the president. If they serve him, everything will be nicely supplied and taken care of without conflict, because by satisfying the supreme everybody is satisfied.

If you meet the biggest superstar and you talk to him or you do something important for him, let's say you take a photo of him which later will circulate the world, then you have some credit there. Wouldn't you become joyous? You would. Then if you'd satisfy the absolute supreme then wouldn't you become even more joyous? The absolute supreme is always supreme. You can't become the supreme. The father is always supreme to his son. Not that the son becomes supreme to his father and becomes the father of his father. It is like that. If the son follows his father's directions, he doesn't lack anything and he is satisfied. If we do the same with the absolute supreme Lord Krishna, then we become truly satisfied. Because if you just satisfy the second to the supreme, the satisfaction on your side is not complete. There is still somebody whom you can satisfy even more. So if you satisfy that supreme person, Lord Krishna, then you can't satisfy anybody higher. Then naurally your satisfaction will also be the highest.

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